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New advanced sensor for automated metrology

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - ELEONE (New advanced sensor for automated metrology)

Reporting period: 2016-11-01 to 2017-02-28

The automotive industry is the 6th largest economy in the world with a global turnover approaching the €2 trillion mark and an associated CAGR (2012-2020) of 4,9%. Due to the high level of quality controls required to ensure the final assembled cars adhere to high safety standards, the dimensional metrology industry for the automotive sector constitutes an important market worldwide with revenues of €1.043 million. However, existing automated metrology solutions in the market have different drawbacks: they are expensive, complex and rigid solutions, with no flexibility to be adapted to different control fixtures and most solutions´ technology is based on compressed air, which presents associated key problems.
In order to address the inadequacy of the current solutions, Actimesure has developed Eleone, a fully Automated Measurement System for the dimensional control of parts in the automotive sector able to measure all the spots of a part simultaneously with full precision (±10 micrometers) and full traceability. Eleone is the only solution in the market based on an innovative electromagnetic technology that allows higher quickness, flexibility to be integrated into every control fixture, simplicity and integrated signal processing together with a very competitive price.
Eleone will allow its end-users, Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies (major suppliers of automotive parts) and control fixture manufacturers in the automotive sector, to improve their dimensional quality systems in terms of time (time reduction for the measurement process up to 95%), money (up to 92% saving in operating costs), efficiency and reliability (zero defects in the measurement process).
The expected total revenues for Eleone project will be 20.098.100 € in the first five years of commercialization in target European, American and Asian countries with relevant automotive markets, with an associated Return of Investment (ROI) of 2,3.
Eleone project will help enhancing the European automotive sector, which currently requires to increase its competitiveness due to the emerging markets that have outpaced the European one.
Currently, Eleone is a functional prototype demonstrated in relevant environment (TRL6) due to different technological projects developed since 2012 by Actimesure. Concerning the Commercial Readiness Level (CRL), we have already made a small-scale commercial trial, as we have reached commercial agreements with key companies in the automotive sector.
During the feasibility study, Actimesure has analyzed the requirements for the full technological development of Eleone as well as for the most appropriate commercial and financial strategies for its introduction in the market. This analysis have led to specific work packages to be done during the Phase 2 project, estimated to start during the 2nd half of 2017. The key conclusions of the feasibility study are summarized below:
 The technical feasibility study has identified the following requirements:
- Technological improvement and industrial adaptation for Eleone: Re-design of Eleone´s motor; improvement of Eleone´s mechanical design; updating of Eleone´s software and firmware; electronic hardware re-design.
- Design of the industrial production line for Eleone: Design and construction of a new production line for the large-scale production of Eleone; re-design of the production process and pre-series manufacturing.
 During the commercial feasibility study:
- Actimesure has identified and quantified the potential market for Eleone and has designed a strategic commercialization plan, selecting key countries for the creation of commercial networks during the Phase 2 project and its further sales in a 5 years´ horizon. In these areas we have identified Eleone target end-users and stakeholders.
- Actimesure has defined a dissemination and communication plan for the Eleone project, in order to spread the progress and results in adequate media.
- The regulatory framework has been analysed as well as the required certifications for Eleone commercialization in target countries: CE marking; UL, EMC and COFRAC certification.
- There are no public patents which affect the freedom to operate of Actimesure for the Eleone project.
- Eleone software will be intellectually protected by means of trade secret.
 Through the financial feasibility study, Actimesure has defined a sales strategy in the established target countries and has carried out a sales forecast for the first 5 years of Eleone commercialization. Our conclusions estimate 339 units sold in this period, which generates revenues of 20.098.100 € for Actimesure. Moreover, relevant financial indicators have been calculated resulting in a cumulative profit of 7.468.050 € and a ROI of 2,3 for the 5 first years.
Actimesure´s main target for the short-term commercialization of Eleone will be large Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies in the automotive sector, which are mass suppliers of automotive parts as they deal with the stricter quality controls from OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and will be able to afford the purchasing of an innovative automated metrology solution. These companies will have clear benefits from the integration of Eleone in their quality processes, which will establish their willingness to pay for our device:
 100% automated solution: Avoidance of human errors
 Time reduction for the measurement process up to 95%.
 Up to 92% saving in operating costs.
 Agility: Simultaneous measurement up to 40 points of a part.
 Flexibility: Total adaptation to every control fixture due to small dimensions and geometry.
 Portable solution able to be retrofit in different control fixtures without additional costs
 Real-time non-compliance during the measurement process.
Therefore, the impact of the use of Eleone for end-users will be very relevant, as they will assure zero defects on their supplied automotive parts while saving time and money and, consequently, consolidate their leadership in the automotive sector in terms of efficiency and reliability. This will clearly enhance the global automotive industry contributing to achieve the goals of improved safety, quality and productivity.