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Disrupting the Way We Store and Search for Files, Replacing The Folder-Based With a Context- Based Filing Paradigm.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Intranetum (Disrupting the Way We Store and Search for Files, Replacing The Folder-Based With a Context-Based Filing Paradigm.)

Reporting period: 2017-01-01 to 2017-06-30

We live in a world where people have a “just Google it” expectation to quickly find answers to questions. The presumption that information can be found quickly has been a challenge for many when it comes to identifying electronically stored information (ESI) for preservation. The cross section of varied data sources, from email messages to social media posts to cloud file sharing services, has often required using different applications for collecting different sources of data.

AtlaSense is a knowledge integrator that connects to different data sources used by organizations to enable enterprise wide search. When collecting the files from these sources, AtlaSense automatically processes and indexes the data. It uses deep learning during the processing phase to help identify types of documents, features embedded on images, clusters of information, relationships between files, sentimental analysis, language, and finds all possible searchable text extracting all entities and metadata inside all kind of files.

Being more efficient with our information will drive us to have better organizations.
During the reporting period we managed to go deeper in the technology and have a much better knowledge of the stage of the art and competitors. Due the study of the market and its potential we conclude to focus our efforts in two nich (yet huge) areas in the knowledge management: eDiscovery and GDPR.