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CORDIS - Risultati della ricerca dell’UE

The Cohesive City: Addressing Stigmatisation in Disadvantaged Urban Neighbourhoods

Risultati finali

Working Paper

D1.1 – Production of Working Paper with consolidated theoretical and conceptual framework (month 9)

Policy briefing

D 51 Briefing for policymakers on CoCreation month 40

Case study reports

D 41 Case study reports for each city month 34Each partner is responsible for producing the report for their city OBU has the role of coordinator

Policy recommendations

D 52 Recommendations for practitioners month 42

Comparative overview

D 42 Comparative overview synthesis of EU and Latin American cases month 36

Co-Creation Working Paper

D 2.7 – Refined “Co-Creation” methodology summarised in a Working Paper (month 14)

Summer School Paris

D 3.2 Delivering Summer School in Paris (month 20)

Training Manual

D 3.3 Producing a Training Manual for the Co-Creation method (month 24)

Stakeholder workshop (Paris)

D 2.2 - Stakeholder workshop in Paris (month 10)

Final International Symposium

D 6.5 – Final International Symposium (month 45)

2nd International Conference

D 6.2 – 2nd International Conference (month 16)

3rd International Conference

D 6.3 – 3rd International Conference (month 21)

Social media presence

D 7.1 Visibility on social media for communication (eg Facebook, Twitter, Youtube …) (month 3)

Summer School Rio

D 3.1 Delivering Summer School in Rio (month 19)

1st International Conference

D 6.1 – 1st International Conference (month 6)

Stakeholder workshop (Rio)

D 2.3 – Stakeholder workshop in Rio (month 11)

4th International Conference

D 6.4 – 4th International Conference (month 32)

Launch website

D 8.4 – Launch of CO-CREATION web-platform (month 4)


Banlieue narratives: voicing the French urban periphery

Autori: Christina Horvath
Pubblicato in: Romance Studies, Numero 4, 2018, ISSN 1745-8153
Editore: taylor and francis
DOI: 10.1080/02639904.2018.1457820

Co-Creation and the City: Arts-Based Methods and Participatory Approaches in Urban Planning

Autori: Juliet Carpenter, Christina Horvath
Pubblicato in: Urban Planning, 2022, ISSN 2183-7635
Editore: cogitatio
DOI: 10.17645/up.v7i3.6106

Conceptualizing peripheral urban literature in France and Brazil

Autori: Christina Horvath
Pubblicato in: Romance Studies, Numero 4, 2018, Pagina/e 46-62, ISSN 0263-9904
Editore: Maney Publishing
DOI: 10.1080/02639904.2018.1457826

Co-Creation as an agonistic practice in the favela of Santa Marta, Rio de Janeiro:

Autori: Juliet Carpenter; Christina Horvath; Ben Spencer
Pubblicato in: Urban Studies, Numero 18, 2020, Pagina/e 1906-1923, ISSN 0042-0980
Editore: SAGE Publications Ltd
DOI: 10.1177/0042098020927964

Faire commauté d’Energie, Bruxelles en mouvements

Autori: Chloé Verlinden, Jan Spriet
Pubblicato in: 2021
Editore: Inter-Environnement Bruxelles

Co-Creation in Theory and Practice. Exploring Creativity in the Global North and South

Autori: Christina Horvath, Juliet Carpenter
Pubblicato in: 2020
Editore: Policy Press

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