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Periodic Reporting for period 1 - INCLISAFE BLACKBOX (INCLISAFE BLACKBOX)

Reporting period: 2017-02-01 to 2017-07-31

INCLISAFE BLACKBOX is an innovative and cost-effective safety system oriented to protection and prevention of roll-overs of large vehicles. INCLISAFE BLACKBOX is a system with a device installed on the vehicle that continuously measures the inclination, dynamic stability parameters and calculates the stability at every moment, warning in case of risks in any situation. INCLISAFE BLACKBOX can acts also as a Black-box, by recording all parameters of stability in an internal memory and also being able to receive them in an Internet Platform.
According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 10% of the highways deaths occur in a crash involving a large truck. In the last 5 years the number of deaths in large trucks has increased more than 10 percent. Also, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (2010), the biggest fatal work injury rate was in the agriculture sector and due to rollover of large machines. During 2017 several Fire Fighting accidents have occurred in Europe, such as in Spain (Spain, Córdoba and Cadiz) or Germany, such in Bad Düben, Biederbach, Cologne and Berlin
INCLISAFE BLACKBOX will be an extremely reliable tool to warn driver of potential rollovers.
The activities planned for the feasibility study were performed between February 2017 till July 2017. The results were quite satisfactory:
• Several end customers, truck body builders and automotive services companies have been visited, and several pilot tests have been performed, getting useful information for defining final tech specs and also define market orientation
• Competitors solutions have been studied and also got feedback from customers, getting the feedback of the superior performance of INCLISAFE BLACKBOX
• IP analysis have shown that we have Freedom to Operate in the market
• All the certifications and tests have been identified to reach TRL9
The key conclusions of the different analysis are the following:
1. Technical analysis: INCLISAFE BLACKBOX can act as a Tilt Warning (during driving conditions), as a training tool and also as an Event Data Recorder. Therefore is a really flexible system that can have several configurations and applications depending on the customer. It is important to enable/disable features depending on the customers
2. Competitor analysis: INCLISAFE BLACKBOX will clearly have superior performance compared to the existing competitors.
3. Market analysis: There is a growing market, not only in the case of Rolling-over prevention, but also for the EDR. The European legislation is evolving so it is forecasted that EDR will be massively used in vehicles in the following decade
4. Partner analysis: DTA will promote the INCLISAFE solution in the end customer, although several channels will be used. Depending on the segments, and if the vehicle is a brand new or is in operation,
5. IP analysis. The functions and characteristics of the INCLISAFE rollover detector do not appear to be covered by any current patent
6. Financial analysis. The VAN and TIR are excellent, bearing in mind the conservative sales considered. And the payback period will be around three years
7. Risk analysis: The risk analysis performed doesn´t show any major risk. It is a secure business.
The main novelty of INCLISAFE BLACKBOX is the use of patented (by DTA) algorithms to detect the dynamic stability index. It is a fact that the dynamic effects multiply instability. INCLISAFE calculates dynamic stability from measurement of different parameters such as acceleration (Lateral, Front and Vertical), angular velocity (Pitching, Roll and Rotational) and inclinations (side and front). Therefore INCLISAFE is taking into account aspects such as vibration, condition of the ground and additional inertia. Another innovative aspect is the ability of data storage during 6 months, meaning that INCLISAFE BLACKBOX can acts as a real Event Data Recorder (“Blackbox”).
Most current solutions used nowadays only consider the stability of a vehicle in static mode (ISO 16232-2) and only to respect to the axe X, or are just mere accelerometers that don´t take into account all the parameters that have influence in the stability. Also, due to the increase number of accidents, the customers are requesting Event Data Recorders (“Black box”) to perform objective accident analysis. INCLISAFE BLACKBOX can have these functionalities, being considered and Event Data Recorder with Tilt Warning capabilities.
INCLISAFE BLACKBOX main components