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New Ultrasonic Cost-Effective Equipment as Anti-Fouling System for Vessels

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - BIOECOMARINE (New Ultrasonic Cost-Effective Equipment as Anti-Fouling System for Vessels)

Reporting period: 2017-02-01 to 2017-07-31

BIOECOMARINE project is born to bring a cost-effective and eco-friendly Anti-Fouling (AF) solution that can be easily adapted to any type of vessel regardless its length or hull material. In this context, BIOECOMARINE focused on the commercial development and further commercialization of a prototype based on the ultrasonic technology that provides vessels full AF prevention while ships are at berth. Since any kind of vessels can benefit from this system, the commercial scope of this system ranges from recreational boats to the maritime transport sector including shipping companies, commercial ports and shipyards. Shipping industry has a high cost due to its high consumption of fuel, which is increased by the biofouling. Avoiding the additional fuel consumption that comes from biofouling means a reduction in the economic cost and CO2 emissions. Moreover, traditional AF coating treatments are not permanent and contain biocidal and other harmful agents with its corresponding environmental impact in water. In this context, BIOECOMARINE will drastically increase AF Coating (AFC) efficiency and durability, reducing AFC treatments up to a third of current practice. Hereby fuel consumption as energy source will be optimized, resulting in a reduction of 5-7% of the annual fuel consumption. Finally, using BIOECOMARINE, the estimated saving based on total boat operation expenses are between the range of 15 – 20%. To sum up, BIOECOMARINE is an innovative and sustainable product that has technical (easy installation, programmable, full protection, no effect in ship machinery…), economic (no docking period, reduce fuel consumption, cheap) and environmental (reduce CO2 consumption, non-toxic) competitive advantages that will lead this product to be the first industrial solution able to offer a low cost, broadly effective, programmable, and truly non-toxic and eco-friendly Anti-Fouling solution.
The main conclussion from the Feasibility Study is that the BEM project is feasible and it has potential to gain a relevant share in the boats anti-fouling market. During the 6 months of execution of Phase 1 we have focussed our research on 5 main aspects, in preparation for the upcoming innovation and go-to-market phases:
1) Technology viability and technology development plan: the main development and innovation needs to make BEM a commercial product have been assesed, as well potential Technology allies.
2) Market assesment: our priority market have been characterized, together with its main dynamics and trends.
3) Business plan and internationalization: We have drafted a comprehensive internationalization strategy and business development roadmap, realistic with the size, resources of our SME, as well as aligned with our ambition to grow.
4) IPR, regulations and certifications needed for BEM have been studied in detail and they will be included in the workplan for Phase 2.
5) Finally, we have updated our initial financial plan and drafted the go-to-market strategy adapted to the key priority markets where BEM will be commercialized.
BEM has the following advantages and innovative characteristics compared to the current state of the art:

1. Innovative antifouling attach prevention based on a feasible, cost-effective and effective solution.
2. Significant impact on manpower, fuel, material and dry-docking period’s needs. An estimated cost saving up 28-35% can be achieved as a result of reducing the need to apply AF coatings up to a third.
3. Ready to use mode and automated protection once the ship has docked. Suitable for Renewal energy feed.
4. Enabling synergies with novel coatings that increase smooth and self-polishing surface improving boat efficiency on fuel consumption.
5. Increasing provided port-services including an automated AF service for small and medium size boats.
6. Safe, secure, easy running and environmentally friendly device, without any danger to marine life.

In terms of expected impacts, we foresee to reach a turnover above €30 million in the 5th year of sales and create 65 new jobs.
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