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A modular, open and standards-based framework for fast, cost-effective development of sensorbasedmobile applications

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SENSCAPE (A modular, open and standards-based framework for fast, cost-effective development of sensorbasedmobile applications)

Reporting period: 2017-02-01 to 2017-07-31

IRIDEON is a young SME, which provides engineering services and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. We have developed Senscape®: a disruptive, standards-based, framework which enables customers to develop fast time-to-market sensor-based mobile applications and related information services.
Companies wish to develop IoT applications using smartphones with external sensors for e-health, fitness and other applications. However there are costly and lengthy development times due to IoT being complex, and a new field.
The Senscape® Plug&work approach dramatically reduces customer time and cost to develop new IoT products and services.
Objectives of this Ph1:
1.1 Perform a SoA study to detect opportunities to improve our Senscape® technology.
1.2: Conduct a study with end-users and component providers, reaching a product development plan:
1.3 - Viability assessment on the use of a standard based framework to facilitate product enhancement, standardization and business innovation.
1.4 - Seek legal support and perform an updated freedom to operate analysis.
2.1 - Conduct a market study to reassess requirements and needs, price sensitivity, recent opportunities/developments, trends and market share.
2-2 - Update competition analysis to assess effectiveness of existing and emerging technologies.
2.3 - Customer development study with feedback from end-users.
2.4 - Perform a business ecosystem, stakeholder and scalability analysis.
During the feasibility period we made an updated analysis of the SoA of IoT HW and FW development: there is no solution on the market which combines both lead time reduction, flexibility and compliance with international standards at the same time. We optimized the design of our SENSCAPE boards and the plan for their development and demonstration. This includes the identification of key suppliers and distribution partners. We had the assistance of IP experts and confirmed our freedom to operate and the patentability of our innovation.
We made a reassessment of market needs and the regulatory pathways that best accommodates our development. We conducted a study of feedback received from potential end-users of SENSCAPE and similar technologies. We also interviewed experts operating in the market: software architects, engineers, IoT user and distributors. With the collective feedbacks we managed to reach a better market-fit with the main risks identified.
Experts from the IoT sector from different EU countries were interviewed and have confirmed willingness to pay, and estimate that SENSCAPE offers a new potential for the IoT sector. SENSCAPE was also successfully presented at renowned global events: Mobile Worl Congress and IoT World Congress.
The reasons why users will buy SENSCAPE go far beyond its use as a tool for engineers to speed up lead times of developing and manufacturing companies. During the execution of the Ph1 project we received several requests to develop with our resources new innovative IoT technologies based on SENSCAPE, from different sectors like Cloud Computing, Health, Energy, Construction and Tourism.