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TAPEMELT: Recyclable thermal activated tape system

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - TAPEMELT (TAPEMELT: Recyclable thermal activated tape system)

Reporting period: 2017-02-01 to 2017-05-31

Packaging tapes are the most widely used pressure sensitive adhesive tapes with global production in excess of 10 billion sq. meters per year. Their primary application is corrugated carton closure. However, existing solutions for this application present 3 key constrains:

1.RECYBLABILITY – WASTE MANAGEMENT: One of the major issues for the label printing industry is the waste the process leaves behind, particularly the much maligned release liner. With consumption of self-adhesive label materials in Europe in 2010 totalling 5.3 billion square metres, translating into some 360,000 tonnes of paper liner waste emerging from end users.
2.TAMPER-EVIDENT: Cartons sealed with PSA or many of the water-activated adhesives are not secure and are not easily accessed without revealing any signs of tampering.
3.TAPE SEALING PROBLEM IN REFRIGERATED PACKAGES: Both PSAs and Water-Activated lack adherence depending on temperatures. They typically reduce or lose their tack at low temperatures and reduce their shear holding ability at high temperatures; special adhesives are made to function at high or low temperatures.

We have developed a product that provides a proper answer to this 3 needs: TAPEMELT: an adhesive system thermal activated that cover the existing constrains in the carton packing industry. It is 1) Low-cost; 2) Fast to apply 3) Strong: the integrity and safety of the goods are not compromised 3) Allows custom printing; 4) Theft-protection – Tamper evident 5) it is made of paper: 100% recyclable, repulpable and biodegradable. In addition, TAPEMELT proposes an innovative pay-per-use commercialisation model including machine installation, maintenance and consumables, which has proven to be successful and convenient for users in other segments.

We see an excellent business opportunity in TAPEMELT commercialisation: Our main objective is to seize this market opportunity and turn TAPEMELT into a mainstream adhesive system for carboard-packaging, both for 1) logistic companies and industrial use in large volumes, and for 2) domestic uses. We envision that the competitive price and outstanding features of TAPEMELT can displace other less innovative, less competitive and less environmental-friendly alternatives for cardboard packaging, gaining successive portions of the market.
The main conclussion from the Feasibility Study is that the TAPEMELT project is feasible and it has a disruptive potential within the packaging industry. During the 4 months of execution of Phase 1 we have focussed our research on 4 main aspects, in preparation for the upcoming innovation and go-to-market phases:
1) Technology viability and technology development plan: the main development and innovation needs to make TAPEMELT a commercial product have been assesed and a specific workplan has been drafted accordingly.
2) Market assesment: our priority markets and target regions have been defined and characterized in preparation for our internationalization and business development strategy.
3)IPR, regulations and certifications needed for TAPEMELT have been studied in detail andincluded in the workplan for Phase 2
4) Finally, we have defined a complete financial plan, including the resources needed for Phase 2 and the sales estimations for the first 5 years of sales in TAPEMELT's lifecycle.
TAPEMELT has the following advantages and innovative characteristics compared to the current state of the art:
• Strong resistance: offering an excellent adherence on corrugated cardboard and packing box, upon activation above 70ºC.
• Tamper evident: enabling that the integrity and safety of the shipped goods, are not compromised.
• Recyclable with cardboard: 100% recyclable, made from paper.
• Competitive price: acquisition price similar to direct competitor (recyclable water activated sealant) but with lower operational cost and complexity.
• Fast to apply: under an automatic or manual application done with our purpose designed machines for thermal sealing.
• Printable: suitable for customisation:
• Suitable for refrigerated transportation and storage

In terms of expected impacts, we foresee to reach a turnover above €30 million in the 5th year of sales and create 65 new jobs.