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Hannover – automatic monitoring of horses

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - HANNOVER (Hannover – automatic monitoring of horses)

Reporting period: 2017-03-01 to 2017-08-31

The role of horses in the world’s economy is very significant. Horses serve leisure, sport, breeding and many other purposes. All horses, and especially athletic and hardworking ones, require care and intensive supervision. Horses are exposed to a number of diseases, injuries and accidents.
The project concerns the development of a method of registration and analysis of both physiological and pathological events in horses during their stay in stables. The aim of the project is to carry out industrial research and experimental development works aimed at designing, producing prototypes and commercializing a system designed to automatically observe behaviour of horses in a box, especially sport horses.
Early detection of symptoms can prevent their development, increase effectiveness of their treatment, or directly prevent injury, illness or death of the horse. The project will contribute to reducing the costs of horses maintenance. This, in turn, can reduce the price of horse breeding and maintenance services. As a result, the project will contribute to the popularization of equestrian sports and the increased availability of all forms of rehabilitation using horses.
Cyberbajt conducted a study among stables owners and veterinarians, whose purpose was to identify demand and needs of automatic horse tracking. Expected functionalities and parameters of the system were identified as a result of detailed market analysis, discussions with project stakeholders and, in particular, target group representatives.
As a result of assessment of technical feasibility, there were selected optimum design components and solutions for the system and confirmed a high potential of the selected solutions. A separate issue was to plan technical measures to conduct research and gather research data. Hence “Research Data Processing System” execution was planned. All issues raised in the technical feasibility study were consulted with specialists in each field and with potential partners.
In the course of detailed analysis (SWOT), the risks and strengths were identified. Identified weaknesses should not be a barrier to exploit the opportunities stemming from the implementation of the project's results on the market.
Cyberbajt confirmed, that the solution is suitable for filing as an invention in a selected patent office.
As a result of assessment of economic effectiveness, there is confirmation of economic feasibility and attractive financial indicators of the project.
As a result of the analysis of the current state of the art, there were selected optimum solutions to design and build the system. Results of market research allowed to identify real needs of customers and confirmed that the planned product has a high potential and there is a market demand for it. The same research shows that potential customers have limited awareness of their needs. They are accustomed to traditional equine care methods and they accept imperfections of traditional ways. Hence, for the success of sale of the product, its promotion will be extremely important, and it must be tailored to the specificity of customers and the product itself.
The project will result a system, that will enable:
- remote monitoring of horses behaviour and recording of their vital parameters;
- automatic detection, inferring, and notifications about horses’ health (their condition, any occurrences);
- alerting in case a threat to a horse’s life, health or welfare is detected.
Project’s realisation can reduce the price of horse breeding and in consequence, it can contribute to the popularization of equestrian sports and the increased availability of people's rehabilitation using horses.