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A micro dual-axis vertical wind turbine providing an alternative low carbon energy solution capable of working at high efficiency in low wind speeds for use in urban environments.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - EOW (A micro dual-axis vertical wind turbine providing an alternative low carbon energy solution capable of working at high efficiency in low wind speeds for use in urban environments.)

Reporting period: 2017-01-01 to 2017-04-30

The main problem being addressed by the EOW project is the inaccessibility of low carbon energy systems, particularly in urban areas. Among other problems, the main concerns are that systems are either too expensive, inefficient, or an inappropriate size to be installed in urban settings. The EOW turbines are small wind turbines that are efficient, low-noise and easily installed with minimal maintenance requirements and are thus suitable for many applications. The adoption of such energy systems is important to combat the impact of climate that is being increasingly felt worldwide, as well as to exploit renewable energy sources such as wind whilst coal, oil and gas reserves are depleted. The overall objective of the project is to bring to market fully validated small wind turbines suitable for both rural and urban locations that can be adopted by households, businesses, and public entities.
During the Phase 1 feasibility assessment, EOW2-Wind completed a fully analysis of the technical and business potential of the EOW wind turbine energy system. Throughout the duration of the project, EOW2-Wind expanded its knowledge of the small wind market and the benefits the EOW technology can deliver. A goal of the assessment was to identify the main applications for the turbine and the company confirmed that due to its ease-of-installation, size, and scalability it is appropriate for several customer types including both households (B2C) and businesses (B2B). The company also planned the steps to bring a fully-certified wind turbine to market and secured the relevant third party support where necessary. To ensure a smooth project implementation, EOW2-Wind assessed potential risks that could affect the project and implemented a number of preventive measures with corrective actions also planned.
The EOW turbines are vertical dual-axis micro wind turbines suitable for both urban and rural environments, including extreme weather locations, battery support applications, cell towers, homes, grid-tie and off-grid applications, businesses. The unique design makes the system one of the most efficient that has been developed so far. The turbine is independent from any aerodynamic conditions and can operate with both lift and drag conditions. Moreover with a kick-in speed of only 1 or 2 metres/second, it can be used even in low-wind locations. The turbine is easily installed with minimal management required after installation, thereby eliminating much the maintenance costs associated with small wind turbines. The EOW turbines have the potential to bring significant societal benefits such as reducing reliance on carbon-intensive energy sources which are responsible for accelerating the impact of climate change and have a direct impact on human health. It brings long-term savings to end users and also has the potential to be used for revenue-earning opportunities (e.g. feed-in-tariffs).