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Numerical modelling of reinforced slender wooden window elements

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - XtremelY (Numerical modelling of reinforced slender wooden window elements)

Reporting period: 2017-09-01 to 2018-08-31

XtremelY project was dedicated to the development of the oversized window systems with extreme heights that are becoming increasingly popular on the European and global market. Wind load represents a major problem for the development of tall windows due to a significant increase of surface load. Increased sizes can cause problems of bending of slender wooden elements which results in the decrease of main windows properties, quality and functionality.
Main goal of XtremelY project was to develop complex numerical models of reinforced wooden window that would be able to provide insight in to behaviour and limitations of a window elements. Obtained knowledge, data and production processes within M Sora d.d. have allowed the production of window systems of height of over 6 m.
During the initial stage of the XtremelY project, data about available materials and technology was collected and evaluated in order to form a solid base for the future research. Materials were carefully selected and experimental evaluation on the reinforcement geometry and position was performed during the second phase of the project. Within the third phase of the project development of the numerical models from the previously performed experimental tests was performed. Aim was to evaluate numerical parameters and principles used within development of numerical simulations. One of the biggest changes in this phase of the project was proper simulation of the mutual contact between individual elements. During the fourth and last stage of the project all of the obtained knowledges were used to develop a structural design that would be able to produce sufficient rigidity without influence on the thermal properties. Design was tested both numerically and experimentally. Design principle was patented. M Sora lift and slide window of a height of 5.2 m is being produced and will be installed and in operation from the November 2018 in Slovenia.
An aim of XtremlY project was to develop a system for wooden windows with heights greater than 4 meters. A successful progress resulted in a system for heights even over 6 meters which represents possibility to install elements over two storeys of building. Such wooden elements represent radical innovation which will have an impact on new architectural solutions for modern buildings. Developed solution is a novel approach for construction of oversized wooden window elements, can be implemented in various other wooden construction elements and can be used for vertical wooden elements which must overcome the loads of building construction.
Numerical simulation of load application on double casement wooden window
Presentation of deflection of vertical element by combining real photo and numerical simulation
Logotype of XtremelY project