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Keepers: The Key to your Child’s Safety

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - KEEPERS (Keepers: The Key to your Child’s Safety)

Reporting period: 2017-04-01 to 2017-08-31

The problem of bullying has been around forever and now it has transitioned onto the internet. 180 million children between the ages of 7-17 in the western world own a smartphone. Out of this number, 60 million children are  affected by Cyberbullying. The Parental control software market is currently worth 1 billion USD and is expected to dramatically increase in size over the coming years. Keepers is looking to penetrate this market and make it increasingly larger.

Keepers enables parents to monitor their child's mobile phone usage by applying real time tracking of any shaming/bullying phenomenon that their child might experience. The application spots and filters suspicious, problematic and abusive content (text and voice). The company is looking to eliminate Cyberbullying globally in order to decrease child depression and suicide rates.

Over the last 5 months, Keepers has succeeded in the Phase 1 objectives of acceleration in market adoption and international penetration. Currently, the application has between 5,000 and 10,000 downloads on the Israeli market.

This leads into Keepers next objective which is to enter the European and American markets. Keepers has a dynamic library of abusive words to keep up with societies new slang. This is just one example of when Keepers took advantage of its increasing customer feedback system. This is all due to the company’s goal to constantly improve the application; which is because of these core principles that were established.

Keepers is establishing who their target users and clients are, and is looking into the segments and geo markets of the overall individuals. As of now, we are one of the few companies that aims our service at combating Cyberbullying and child exploitation directly.
This will allow us to gain a reputation as pioneers in the field, as the cyberbullying problem and need for solutions grow each year. This also relates to the company’s growth. Recently, the application evolved from the TRL7 to the TRL9 stage.

Keepers has met all of the requirements to move on to phase 2 of the horizon 2020 grant program.
Keepers ​is an AI based application to protect children from cyberbullying and pedophilia.

Keepers tracks suspicious & abusive content messages on children’s smartphones and social media platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, SnapChat etc..) alerting parents in real-time if their child is being threatened.

Since our launch on 29.6 Keepers has rapidly grown from 0 users to 8K users with no marketing budget, as of now, we are expanding rapidly each and every day. It is essential to look at the company breakdowns in each category of development. A true snapshot of the company over the course of phase 1.

The following information describes Keepers development during the Phase 1 campaign 1.4.2017 - 25.6.2017 time period.
Keepers official launch was on  29.6 we had an article on television (channel 2, Link) during a non-prime time show.

We found out that we received more than 3,900 downloads on the Android version from 28.6 until 7.2.2017. Currently we have reached +8K daily active users on the Keepers app in less than 1 month’s time. We always try and listen to the customer’s requests and to improve our product as much as we can. This is Keepers most optimal route in order to prepare for future growth and improving the user experience. We are studying our users and learning the funnels and how to improve the Keepers application both from the functionality side and the UX\UI side.
The number of users is rapidly increasing each and every day.
User = download the app + completed the registration
• Number of total Android + iOS downloads : +9,000
• Active devices: 7,903
• Paying users = 200 (Disclaimer - we have a 30 day grace period before paying, we are expecting the number to grow)
System improvement
In the past, we had major crashes during this batch due to payment system failure and GPS functionality. As a result, we are now currently improving our system.

Keepers Quality Assurance team is actively working to improve the server response time (especially for the iOS version) day in and day out.

Currently we are focusing on improving the system efficiency and functionality.

Disclaimers: more users = more crashes
Here at Keepers we strive for the best and smoothest user experience. This is done by utilizing a lot of quality assurance. We find the problems that the users complain about and resolve them as quickly as possible. This is part of our active push towards tracking and analyzing our users’ interaction with the application.

In our latest version (1.0.29) we had 86.96% crash-free users and 95.09 crash-free sessions. Our goal is to reach 95% crash-free users and 98 crash-free sessions (See the below picture). The reason why the percentage of crash free users has increased is due to the effectiveness of our quality assurance team. They locate and repair the bugs in the application, through usage on a daily basis.

User experience
During our official launch we created a couple of sessions with real users to get their insight and to better understand our weak spots.
During those sessions, we have updated our user experience to improve the interaction with the users.
• Registration: We have found out that there are a significant number of parents that have installed the application during the middle of the day at work; however, they have forgotten to install the application on the child’s device. From this predicament, we have decided to create 2 notifications.
o Pop-up reminder notification at around 9PM local time to register from the child side.
o 2nd Pop-up notification after 3 days only if the parent hasn’t registered the child
o When opening the app for the first time, Keepers made these screens extremely user friendly in order to better introduce the system. (see the picture below)
• Add new user: We have received numerous questions on how to add a new child\parent to the user's account. We decided to add a function that will lead the user to a new “how to” page to instruct the parent on how to add a new user in two different places; we also added a share button to those places.
o On the dashboard beneath the child's name.
o On the setting page under the account information.

• GPS functionality: If the location function is turned-off from the child’s device we cannot trace the child’s location, most of the users didn’t understand this issue and complained about the GPS functionality, we have decided to add a notification to alert when the child has turned off the location functionality.
• 15 min delay: Keepers detection mechanism will send an alert about the messages in 2 cases
o After 15 min delay (to report about the completed conversation)
o After the child, has viewed the bad message
o After installation - add an icon explaining that the system takes up to 15 minutes to decipher the offensive recipe + an icon that explains that if the child is not exposed to the offensive content (did not open the message) then the system will not warn about offensive content.

Most of the users didn’t understand this issue and complained at first that the application is not working but then replied that the app was working but they didn’t understand our delay. Because of this, we have decided to do the following
• Add a pop-up notification during the first entry to the app to indicate that the system will report after 15 minutes only if the content is offensive, and if the child is not exposed to content then the system is not exposed to it
• Add a mockup user example for the walkthrough of the application functionality

We have created a unique system where the user does not pay after a grace period of one month, but after 20 notifications. The reason for this is because we want the parent to understand the value and quality of the product. We added these screens to show the parent that they will have to pay for the app. Certain children will not get many notifications, because they may not actually be talking with bad language so it may take the whole month. On the other hand, some kids may get 20 notifications in just 2 days which has already happened.