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European Cbrn Innovation for the maRket CLuster

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - ENCIRCLE (European Cbrn Innovation for the maRket CLuster)

Reporting period: 2018-09-10 to 2020-03-09

The primary goal of ENCIRCLE is to improve its resilience to new CBRN attacks and threats, the EU needs a specialized, efficient and sustainable industry, competitive on a less fragmented EU market and globally. Capitalizing on its experience in the EDEN Demonstration Project, in other CBRN relevant projects, and in the CBRN market and supply chain, the ENCIRCLE consortium proposes an innovative approach to reach this goal in a short to long term perspective so that SMEs and large industries can propose and invest in the best innovations on the market.
This approach results in 5 objectives aimed at prompting the innovation and business development, and filling market gaps in the project timeframe:
1. Create an open and neutral EU CBRN cluster,
2. Provide a sustainable and flexible vision and roadmap for the development of the European CBRN market and innovations,
3. Provide integration with platforms (systems, tools, services, products) by proposing standardized interfaces and future EU standards to integrate CBRN technologies and innovations developed from the Part b projects,
4. Support CBRN safety, security and defence commercial and market services,
5. Improve and facilitate European CBRN dissemination and exploitation.
The project is progressing to the schedule and plan as defined in the DOA with the exception of the Party B Topic Call schedule which has been amended by DG HOME. Highlights for this period include:
• Building the cluster: The community now has 259 registered organisation in the Technological community 211 practitioner organisations. There are 310 tools, 34 finished and running projects, and 259 organisations listed in the ENCIRCLE dynamic catalogue
• Short to long term vision and roadmap: Needs and gaps analysis and workshops has concentrated on short term requirements to match the 2017, 2019 and 2020 topic calls
• Integration with Platforms: Standards and Interfaces have started to be collected and a facility in dynamic catalogue exists to highlight integration platforms
• Commercial and market services: A survey has been conducted on financial instruments and these are available on the ENCIRCLE project site. A business maturity model has been developed and this is with the first two Part B projects EU-SENSE and TERRIFFIC for completion so there projects can be baselined and gaps understood for future support.
• Improve CBRN dissemination: Dissemination activities have included among many: ENCIRCLE e-newsletters, three issues of ENCIRCLE magazine, COU events in 2019 and 2020, SRE 2018 and 2019, ENCIRCLE Innovation Workshop, November 14, 2019, Farnborough UK. Linking with other practitioner networks such as eNOTICE, FIREIN, iLEAnet, I-LEAD, NO FEAR.
Impact achieved during RP2:
The Needs and gaps originally supplied from the EDEN project have been reviewed and updated over the last period. Relationships have been built with a number of the practitioner networks (e.g. FIRE-IN, NO-FEAR). Consultancy and surveys have been conducted with the practitioner network which have resulted as inputs into the DRS call prioritisation.
The ENCIRCLE Dynamic Catalogue has been refined and updated and now includes the market and the Innovation watch function
The surveys conducted of financial instruments and the links to sites are on the ENCIRCLE project site.
Formal links have been made and maintained with TERRIFFIC, COSMIC and EU_SENSE. IPR assessments and business maturity have been made and are being maintained on the projects and a workshop was set up between SME led projects and practitioners to allow them to get direct feedback on their innovations.
The 2017 Call was conducted successfully. A lessons learnt exercise has been conducted and the 2019 and 2020 DRS call recommendations have been submitted, reviewed and approved
The Integration and interface and standards collection has been completed and a worksheet is maintained on the ENCIRCLE forum.
A survey was conducted with practitioners and the technological community on standards and interfaces to provide guidance on what projects should use. The results have been summarised in the ENCIRCLE discussion and impact reports and are available in the ENCIRCLE forum.
An Integration report is available in the ENCIRCLE forum.

The Market analysis has been conducted and is posted in the ENCIRCLE Dynamic Catalogue Network and groups forum and procurement opportunities are being posted

Project links have been made with iPROCURENET
A survey and workshop have been conducted concerning Interfaces to allow better integration of CBRN solutions. This has been completed and the results of the work have been shared in the ENCIRCLE discussion and impact reports and are available in the ENCIRCLE forum.

The 2017 and 2019 calls have been successfully conducted and the final 2020 call has just been successfully launched.
The interface and standards information that was collected that has been updated from the results of the surveys. The policy, procurement and market analysis surveys have been conducted and results presented at the COU’s. The Market Analysis report being available in the ENCIRCLE forum. The first Human factors report from the survey conducted in 2019 has been issued.
Issue 3 of the ENCIRCLE Magazine
ENCIRCLE Cluster Dynamic Catalogue