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Periodic Reporting for period 2 - BIOPEN (BIOPEN)

Reporting period: 2018-11-01 to 2019-12-31

BIOPEN ambition is to become a single voice for the bio-based industries in Europe, gathering expertise and promoting engagement and involvement of industry, researchers and academia at European and national level, by setting up an Open innovation platform addressing strategic cross-cutting challenges such as:
- clustering and networking to develop new value chains and favour the emergence of co-innovation partnerships across the value chains
- Stakeholders engagement and support with regards to setting-up at least 20 co-innovation partnerships alongside existing and new value chains
- creation of a knowledge centre collecting the prospective and insight of the community, and providing access to relevant information for markets and products innovations in the bio-based ecosystem.

The BiOPEN platform was developed, released and embedded in all clusters partners’ websites, by reaching a total of more than 6000 “users”, “visitors” or “access” to the platform contents. 6 of 56 bio-based clusters contacted outside the consortium accepted to embed BiOPEN widget into the own website.
BiOPEN organised a total of 5 brokerage events and 7 workshops reaching 450 attendees within the whole project duration. 35 new co-innovation partnerships were set-up during the project.
More than 600 funding opportunities have been made available to the BiOPEN users to submit project in the years 2018-2020. Opportunities identified are available on the BiOPEN platform (always updated).
During the whole project duration, an audience of more than 300000 people was reached by performing more than 130 dissemination activities.
During the first period, the BiOPEN Open-innovation Platform was developed and made accessible at the following link: The public section of the platform acts as the official project website to ensure that interested stakeholders have access to information about the project. The private section of the platform is accessible only by registered users, and it is designed to offer a view on all the contents (Technology Offers, Technology Needs, and Project Opportunities) shared by the BiOPEN community on the platform, as well as to enable the users to propose new contents.
The main upgrades of the platform during the second period included:
1. Major changes on the homepage: a “News” section, a “Contact” form and a video have been added
2. The “Advanced Tool” in BiOPEN has been created and offered with the aim of providing the R&D team and the companies’ management with a single software platform to manage the inventive process in a scientific and repeatable way in the bioeconomy sector, by allowing the possibility to search over millions of documents (Patents, Technical papers, and Funded Projects, etc)
3. The agrobiobase “Bio-based Products” database from IAR (The French bioeconmy cluster) has been integrated.
The widget developed for the platform has been embedded in all clusters partners websites. 56 European and International bio-based clusters from 18 different European Countries operating in several sectors from bioenergy to biochemistry, from bioplastic to technical coatings up to fertilizers and flame retardants have been selected and contacted by email.

During the first period, a BioBased Ecosystem was developed to define the structure, contents and links between different elements, i.e. stakeholders, activities, feedstocks and products of the bio-based value chains. Perspective Studies were developed including findings related to 5 different value chains of the bio-based industry, replying to critical questions related to the economic perspective, technical maturity, advancements and market outlook. The studies are available on the platform, in rooms (virtual spaces in which users can share relevant documents and information) where these can be downloaded together with relevant references used in the perspective studies. The 5 perspective studies deal with:
1 – Coatings and packaging materials
2 – Functional polymer and oligomer bio-based products
3 – Products and applications based on lignocellulosic feedstock from wood
4 – Bio-aromatics for synthetic materials, chemicals and coatings
5 – Algae and seaweed-based products
The “Reports on the analysis of the societal-market needs”, developed within in the second period, first outlined the scope of finetuning social and market needs and then linked the problem in question to the results of the 5 perspective studies produced by Task 3.2. Then, it underlined the biobased economy challenges and introduced the framework for tuning needs for the Bio-based economy development. It started with the broad classification of needs and the statement of the conditions for tuning these needs. Along these lines, the work in Task 3.3 identified the main actors that possess the potential of contributing to fine-tuning of needs and revealed possible synergies and contributions, proposed coordination and synchronization actions required to be undertaken towards this goal.

In the second period BiOPEN organised 1 Brokerage events and 4 workshops with more than 150 attendees and by setting-up 13 new co-innovation partnerships.
In the same period, BiOPEN published 9 popularised publications reaching more than 100000 people and attended or (co-)organised a total of 52 events, with a total number of over 20000 attendees and 1300 flyers distributed.
The most significant results and impacts of the project are reported below, in particular BiOPEN:
• by setting-up of the BiOPEN Open-innovation platform, is enabling collaborations and the sharing of knowledge, as well as the engagement of professionals and scientific experts around bio-based products development and downstream applications.
• established a knowledge and Innovation Centre, by allowing its community to access a large amount of information relevant for the bio-based sector.
• undertook a series of 5 perspective studies on major applications sectors of the bio-economy and updated the societal-market needs.
• thanks to a structured set of activities BiOPEN favoured the emergence of 35 new co-innovation partnerships in the bio-based sector (workshops, brokerage events, project ideas analysis and matchmaking with stakeholders and funding opportunities).
• will ensure that the Open Innovation platform continues beyond the lifespan of the project thanks to the sustainability plan defining the specific actions that will be undertaken to keep the BiOPEN services alive, i.e. revenues that can be generated by the platform such as premium membership and advertising. INNEN (the software company who developed the BiOPEN platform) will be the main partner involved in the exploitation of the platform.
All this will have positive effect on the market and society as will support and accelerate the deployment of a sustainable European bioeconomy with all related benefits for the EU market and society, ie: the creation of jobs, particularly in coastal and rural areas through the growing participation of primary producers in their local bioeconomy, by possibly creating 1 million new jobs by 2030 (Updated Bioeconomy Strategy); positive effects on climate change, the reduction of the dependence of EU market from fossil feedstock and the increase the competitiveness of the EU market.
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