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Advanced Security Trays for World Airports

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SECURE_TRAY (Advanced Security Trays for World Airports)

Reporting period: 2017-05-01 to 2017-10-31

In 2015, the world’s airlines transported 3.5 billion people with a workforce of 10 million people, managing 26,000 aircrafts for an average of 100,000 flights a day over a global network of 51,000 routes. The world industry supports the livelihoods of 63 million people and underpins €2.7 trillion of GDP. Hence, the aviation industry has a huge impact on the world economy, particularly in the US and in the EU where the total number of passengers travelling by air was 918 million, with an increase of 4.7% compared to 2014.
Thanks to their constant growth in the number of passengers, European and international airports have to address new issues, mostly linked to their financial performance, passengers’ safety and security, their long-term infrastructure sustainability and passengers’ satisfaction.
The project is important for the society to ensure better security checks in European airports as well as improved travel experience to all passengers traveling in Europe.
SECURE_TRAY project aims at expanding into worldwide international airport hubs its advanced, ultra-light and resistant, fully recyclable security trays, customized according to airport needs and equipped with RFID technology, which ensures more accurate passenger screenings. OneTray has developed not only “the best security tray”, but it has also created a unique business model, which allows to provide these advanced trays to airports for free. The company uses the trays as a marketing and communication media for big international brands, the revenues generated are used to cover production costs and the remaining profit is partly shared with the airports.
Thanks to this project, the company is contributing not only to cut security costs related to trays supply, but it is also creating additional revenues for partner airports. The goal is to realize a strong scale up of the project: to cover 97 airports around the world in 5 years and to reach 25% of the market.
OneTray has run pilot trials in several airports in different operational situations. Thanks to these tests it has been possible to assess the accuracy of technical and operating parameters of the customized trays already pre-determined by the company for each individual airport. Pilot Tests gave the confirmation that company trays are reliable, they have a stable behavior and they do not show any critical problem in operative conditions.
OneTray has carried out a business intelligence analysis of specific airports to determine their commercial value, considering the typology of trays used, the return system adopted and number of lanes. The market analysis gave to the company a clear picture of sales potential in some selected countries with particular attention to economic conditions to build an effective offer to local partners.
OneTray has identified all the potential risks able to affect the project implementation. The risks assessment allowed the company to consider not only technical risks, but also organizational, financial and market risks to identify and implement mitigation measure well in advance.
While developing the feasibility study the company has verified in detail all the costs it will incur in and the required increase in the work force. The results of the analysis include: the clear definition of yearly revenues per airport starting from 2017/2018 to 2022; personnel units to hire among executives, employees, workers, which are necessary to run the business at full speed, in year 2022; investment required from bank loans and cash flow; clear definition of expected turnover and net profit growth in five years.
All activities carried out have demonstrated the validity of OneTray business idea, both from the technological and the economic points of view.
SECURE_TRAY project is characterized by a strong impact on all targeted users involved, which are:
- Big Brands aiming at gaining access to high value consumers and at reaching a target of average wealthy and influential decision makers through an accountable solution.
- Airports, which are looking for innovative solutions able to increase the efficiency of security controls, increase own revenues, reduce costs and improve services provided to travelers as well as their experience.
- Travelers, aiming at enjoying their travel, experimenting innovative solutions.
Thanks to this project, Big Brands will have a unique solution for obtaining 100% access to targeted clients, for example business travelers. OneTray will have the opportunity to consolidate its business model at EU level, and to move forward with the clear objective of reaching 25% of the market in Europe, Asia, Middle East and South America. Airports will have a more efficient control system thanks to custom trays of different size. Costs will be cut because trays will be provided by OneTray, and additional revenues will be made. Travelers will enjoy high standard of service innovation and will improve their airport experience.
Example of sliding test carried out within the project