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Enhanced Diesel Engine Control

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - EDEC (Enhanced Diesel Engine Control)

Reporting period: 2017-06-01 to 2018-02-28

What is the problem/issue being addressed?
Existing old ECU for 4-cylinder diesel engines is overall outdated - as for el. components, solution of inner communication, SW and HW and finally also because of missing optional ECU functions which become during the time more less standard.
Also 6- cylinder diesel engine is now coming as new product of Safran AE and old ECU is not suitable with this product so become necessary to develop new generation of ECU.
Together with propeller supplier we analyze possibility to optimize fuel burn by low speed mode and actual conclusion is to not recommend this solution for this case - the reason are vibration coming from propeller. The low level of propeller rotation is causes extreme vibration and this is just emergency solution for saving the life and airplane but side effect is rapid decrease of propeller lifetime. That's why we decide to not apply this solution as economic fly mode.

Why is it important for society?
Common international development makes connection not only on business basis but also cultural and social basis.
Especially young experts from university could work and apply his knowledge on projects with real commercial potential and this will help to connect academic community closer to the common industrial production.
From point of view ECU there will be progress on level of safety/reliability, reduction of noise and operating costs.
Modular design enable flexible solution for wide range of users.

Overall objectives:
- created robust System requirements based on new customer strategy = to have new generation of electronic ECU easy exchangeable with existing one and also compatible with new coming 6-cylinder diesel engine.
- prepared detailed safety and reliability analysis reflecting new requirements
- designed system with respect to control and optimize engine operation in all modes
- new ECU will be also more universal and compatible with all 3 basic types of electric motors (DC, BLDC, Stepper motors)

Activities carried within EDEC project in the described period contributed to all main objectives. Fundamental grounds was provided for development of modern Electronic Control Unit for light weight and efficient jet-fuel reciprocating engine used in general aviation.
All the EDEC design aims provided in the DoA were into the detail communicated with Topic Leader (Safran AE), priority tasks were identified and exchange of necessary knowledge was performed.
The main points of 1st reporting period of EDEC project were to:
- Gather all customer technical requirements, remarks and actual documentation
- Convert those customer requirements into system requirements
- Define preliminary control system architecture
- Provide preliminary SW and HW design of the ECU
- Provide detailed SW and HW design of the ECU
- Provide test procedures at ECU and system level

In the very beginning of the project (after sign of Grant Agreement) was important to introduce face to face whole team:
- Representatives of consortium = Brno University of technology (BUT) and UNIS
- Representatives of customer = Safran AE
This was realized during official Kick Off meeting in Brno – UNIS side (7. – 8. 6. 2018) and within those 2 days we also visited BUT facilities and laboratories, VTP UNIS test laboratories.
As EDEC project is closely linked with another CleanSky II project ARGOS (fuel pump regulator) we decide to invite also 3 representatives from Woodcomp Company – traditional Czech producers of propellers – to consult one of open points related with propeller pitch control issue

There is list of deliveries officially prepared during this 1 period:
Deliv. nu: Title Work Package
D1.1 System requirements WP1
D1.2 Preliminary system architecture WP1
D2.1 Preliminary HW design WP2 - includes
D2.1 Preliminary SW design WP2 - includes Traceability Matrix
D2.2 Detailed HW & SW design WP2 - includes PCB scheme and layout
D2.3 ECU and system test procedures WP2 - includes TC Matrix
D4.1 ECU certification basis & FHA WP4
D4.2 Functional Hazard Assessment WP4
D5.1 Dissemination plan WP5
D5.2 Project website WP5
D5.3 Exploitation plan WP5
D6.1 Report on the signature of the CA&IA WP6
D6.2 Risks and Conting. and Quality Plan WP6
As result of preliminary HW design we analyze in detail whole measuring chain - from sensors, through all electronic components on PCBs till final action output (fuel rack).
This analysis (Calculation of measurement precision of analogue variables) show us several weak points already existing in current old system and give us opportunity to make improvements with new design.
Finally we expect to design, develop and produce prototype of modern ECU unit for existing diesel engines (4-cylinder) but also for new generation of 6-cylinder diesel engines.
The ECU will respect technological progress and actual level of components development.
PDR meeting, Safran AE, France
Kick of Meeting, UNIS, Brno, CZ
Kick of Meeting, BUT, Brno, CZ
Diesel engine, 4-cylinder, Safran AE