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GI.service: Asset performance optimiser

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - GIservice (GI.service: Asset performance optimiser)

Reporting period: 2017-05-01 to 2017-08-31

With the significant investments being made in distributed renewable energies, the global energy market is changing from a central supply concept to a decentralised system. This transition is presenting companies in the energy market with various strategic and technical challenges to achieve efficient operations.

The objective of GI.service is to develop a new solution to support better decision making and achieve higher energy efficiency for companies involved in electricity generation, distribution and storage and for big energy consumers. Our solution is a complete optimized hardware, software and SaaS stack which is flexible, has open interfaces and can grow with increased requirements in the evolving energy infrastructure.
We conducted a comprehensive market study with particular focus on Europe and N-America. This research included getting an understanding of the policy and regulatory environments. From the results of this study we were able to identify the most promising markets for GI.service.

We undertook a technical feasibility study to identify areas for potential improvement, cost reduction and scalability of GI.service’s hardware, software and SaaS components.

An intellectual property rights analysis was conducted and we established that we have the freedom to operate. Additionally we identified key potential customers and partners for the commercialisation of GI.service.

From these results we concluded that the GI.service project is technically and commercially feasible. We combined the results to draft an updated business plan including pricing models and financial projections.
GI.service is Gantner’s response to take advantage of the great market opportunity for energy management systems, and will make a major advancement in the state of the art of energy management systems. Its main competitive advantage is its superior degree of accuracy in measurements, which is achieved by the combination of our proprietary measurement devices and our in-house software modules for data acquisition, storage, analysis and exploitation.

This unique platform will enable our customers to achieve up to 10% more power generation and risk reduction, up to 8% better capacity utilisation of batteries, up to 10% efficiency improvement in electricity distribution grids and up to 15% longer lifespan of energy-related assets. We will capacitate our customers to deliver higher quality electricity supply whilst reducing their environmental impact from greenhouse emissions.