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Smart video for smart devices

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - EDIFLO PRO (Smart video for smart devices)

Reporting period: 2017-04-01 to 2018-03-31

Axonista’s award-winning Ediflo is the complete platform for creating, managing and distributing a new generation of video-based interactive digital experiences. Ediflo contains all the necessary tools for developing interactive video apps for smart devices running on all major platforms. Building the apps is made simple and fast, with very little friction in setting up an interactive video service.
The funding for the EDIFLO PRO project is facilitating the build of a new product called Ediflo Pro – based on the validated Ediflo technology – which will enable customers to launch new video apps in a matter of hours. Furthermore, Axonista is building analytics tools that enable broadcasters to make fact-based decisions about their programmes. The EDIFLO PRO project supports the implementation of a new product sales business model which is enabling global scale-up of Axonista activities.
By the time we complete this project, Axonista will have a product that can be sold via an annual subscription model. The new product will enable worldwide rapid uptake of interactive video, disrupting the TV markets just like colour TV did once. It will enable us to reach annual turnover of €80 million by 2021.
The EDIFLO PRO project has been progressing in line with the plan set out on the project submission. To date, we have invested significant time into the Ediflo Pro Content Management System (WP1), developing the plan for the workflow for onboarding of customers, and developing the analytics functionality and the library of interactive components of the Ediflo product. Our team have been particularly focussed on the Ediflo Interactive SDK (WP2), and we are ahead of schedule on the delivery of our multiplatform reference Ediflo interactive apps. We have also successfully established a Quality Assurance function that will ensure best practice in terms of build and deployment of updates to our product.
On Commercialisation and Dissemination (WP4), we have completed development of a strong commercialisation plan that will allow us to build awareness for the EDIFLO PRO product, and to scale our business over the longer term. Great progress has also been made in building out our sales function, and in the areas of dissemination and communication.
Work is ongoing on building the Onboarding Workflow (T1.1) and the Documentation and Knowledge Portal (T1.4).
Despite the original plan being to start work on Pilots in the second half of the project (WP3), we have in fact made good progress on getting our OTT startup pilot and broadcaster pilot to market, so we are well ahead of schedule on that work package.
The broader goal of this project is to deliver a platform that will allow users to quickly and easily deliver new interactive video apps across a range of platforms. In developing this technology, Axonista is facilitating the delivery of more engaging and entertaining forms of video experiences to end viewers. Over the course of the first half of this project we have worked with the Irish Film Institute (IFI) to make content from their archives available on mobile and interactive devices to the general public, globally, for the first time The IFI’s most recent launch of Irish Independence Film Footage – delivered via the Ediflo platform, using the Ediflo Pro suite of reference apps – is of great historical and cultural significance. The addition of the interactive timeline function to the IFI player apps, adds a new level of personalisation and context to the viewing experience. It enables the viewer to dip in and out of history, or view historic events in the order they unfolded.
The IFI apps won a national award in Ireland for Best News, Publishing and Entertainment in November 2017, and this project has gained significant media attention for Axonista and the IFI archive, both nationally, and internationally.
As part of our work on the OTT startup pilot module, (T3.1 OTT start-up pilot) we have created an interactive experience that includes a ‘donation’ call to action. This work with the IFI has laid significant groundwork on the OTT startup pilots for WP3, as e-commerce functionality is key for many OTT startups.
Interactive video is the future of TV and, with EDIFLO PRO, Axonista is leading the development of new viewer experiences in this space.
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