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On-site Hydrogen Peroxide Generator for effective, safe and sustainable irrigation water treatment

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - HPGen (On-site Hydrogen Peroxide Generator for effective, safe and sustainable irrigation water treatment)

Reporting period: 2018-06-01 to 2019-06-30

Greenhouses in Europe and the Mediterranean produce 30% of the EU’s fruits and vegetables, yet are facing growing pressures on potable water use for irrigation - leading to the use of more efficient irrigation techniques together with non-potable water sources. The combination of these entails a strong and growing need for irrigation water treatment (IWT), to eliminate water-borne plant and human pathogens, to mitigate irrigation line clogging by bio-foul, and to improve water oxygenation. Our goal is to bring to market a novel irrigation water treatment (IWT) solution based on our technology breakthroughs in on-site generation of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Our compact and autonomous H2O2 generation device (HPGen) enables the safe, cost-effective and sustainable on-site generation of hydrogen peroxide, using only water, air and electricity as input. Hydrogen peroxide is a highly potent but eco-friendly disinfection and oxygenation agent, yet its use in IWT is very limited due the costs, risks and complexities of present-day H2O2 supply chain. HPGen will disrupt today’s hydrogen peroxide supply chain, and enable growers to reap the benefits of its use in IWT. In doing so, HPGen will substantially decrease grower’s IWT and irrigation line maintenance costs, eliminate the use of chlorine and other toxic-chemicals in IWT, improve farm safety and plant health, increase crop yields, and enhance agriculture sustainability and reduce its environmental impact – resulting in a positive economic impact for growers of €4k-€5k / ha per annum.
Throughout the first year of this project we have:
* Successfully concluded a pilot program with a world leading irrigation firms
* Initiated customer trials in the European and Mediterranean greenhouse sector
* Achieved strong traction from with key channel partners.
* Based on pilot program and customer trials - defined our target specifications for a first commercial version.
* Set off a plan for industrialization and fabrication scale up
* Based on input from channel partners, initial customer trials and industrialization plan - refined our business plan and pricing strategy
* Pursued our key patent application and enhanced our competitive IP barrier
* Substantially improved our balance sheet through an equity investment by the VC arm of a global hydrogen peroxide producer.

Throughout the second project year we have:
* Industrialized our HPGen product, including cost down in plastics and electronics
* Secured supply chain
* Developed and proved manufacturing model
* Set up a distribution network extending beyond the project's original European scope, onto Latin America and Africa
* Secured first commercial sales, including into satisfied clients of our client program
HPGen is a first-of-its kind on-site hydrogen peroxide generator. Using only water, oxygen and air as input, it generates ultra-safe, low concentration hydrogen peroxide directly at the point of use. The technology is based on direct electrochemical synthesis, and produces very high purity hydrogen peroxide without any chemical inputs. HPNow is the first and only company worldwide to successfully commercialize such a technology. HPGen in irrigation water treatment will lead to increased farm occupational safety, increased productivity and crop yield, reduced use of toxic chemicals in agriculture, reduced transport of dangerous chemicals, and increased food safety. The key benefits of HPGen apply beyond the irrigation water treatment as well. Potential applications are wide and range from aquaculture, industrial and waste water treatment, beverage dispensing, and through to home appliances. In all of these HPGen can provide for substantial impact in reducing use of toxic chemicals, and improving overall safety and sustainability.
HPGen 1st commercial version in operation in a berry greenhouse
HPGen first commercial version
HPGen pilot version in a greenhouse