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Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - L4MS (Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs)

Reporting period: 2018-10-01 to 2019-09-30

Outdated intra-factory logistics are troubling manufacturing SMEs, whose logistics account for up to 50 % of total manufacturing costs. Innovations and new technological applications would tackle the production challenge, but they require strategic thinking, simulation, planning, re-skilling and access to finance. Lots of resources that most SMEs don’t have. L4MS helps companies to find right service providers needed expertise to lift manufacturing productivity.

L4MS aims to become a one-stop-shop for manufacturing SMEs that are looking for ways to boost their production and performance: innovative logistics applications and a comprehensive network of professionals to help companies automate and digitalize intra-factory logistics. By using mobile robots in production logistics, companies can shorten production cycles, free employees to more challenging tasks and reduce manufacturing costs significantly. With L4MS manufacturers can get a cost-effective, easy-to-use and valuable update on your manufacturing process. If you are a manufacturing SME or a Mid-Cap looking to boost your production capacity and profits, L4MS is for you.
The first version of the L4MS marketplace and OPIL has been released for the internal use of the partners. The project has launched three pilot experiments with three manufacturing SMEs:

- Chemi Pharm from Estonia
- Muraplast from Croatia
- Engino from Cyprus

At the same time L4MS has launched open calls for the experiments. The following entities and other members of the automation value-chain are invited to submit proposals as a consortium.

- Manufacturing SMEs and Mid-Caps
- Automation Solution Providers, Software Developers, System Integrators,
- Mobile Robots, Sensors and Equipment Manufacturers
- Competence Centres
- Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs)

Above entities can also submit their interest individually. Brokerage services – linking the individual Applicants (SMEs) with system integrators, mobile robots manufactures and manufacturing SMEs - will be provided for Applicants looking for partners (in order to form consortia eligible for applying).
Open Platform for Innovations in Logistics (OPIL) + 3D simulator reduces the setup cost and time of mobile robots by a factor of 10. This allows deployment of exceptionally small and flexible logistics solutions requiring no infrastructure change, no production downtime and no in-house expertise, while making investment in logistics automation lucrative for manufacturing SMEs. Using OPIL and 3D simulator it is possible to conceive highly autonomous, configurable and hybrid (human-robot) logistics solutions driven by the business needs of the manufacturing SMEs.

L4MS Marketplace will provide the complete catalogue of services for the manufacturing SMEs. SMEs looking to use mobile robots and automate factory logistics will find top of the line AGV manufacturers, technology suppliers and system integrators on the L4MS Marketplace. The L4MS Marketplace will be a one-stop-shop, where European Manufacturing SMEs & Mid-Caps can access Digitalization services, including technical support, business mentoring and finance. The L4MS will conceive 3 Pilots and 20 cross-border Application Experiment to demonstrate highly autonomous, configurable and hybrid (human-robot) logistics solutions driven by the business needs of the manufacturing SMEs and Mid-Caps. This portfolio of 23 cross-border Application Experiments by 50 SMEs selected through 2 competitive Open Calls, will demonstrate the leveraging of European Structural Funds and private investment in established and emerging Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) across Europe.
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