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The European Leader Equipment for Packaging Testing

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - TRANSAFELOAD (The European Leader Equipment for Packaging Testing)

Reporting period: 2018-10-01 to 2019-12-31

"Big brand owners, packaging manufacturers and logistic companies are facing losses of €50.000 million/year worldwide due to goods damages during transportation. Governments across the world are implementing guidelines to ensure quality of packed goods and safety during their deliveries. Packaging testing simulates the risk damages experienced by the packed goods during their distributions. Since May 20th, 2018, the European Commission has established the directive 2014/47/EU which starts to force all the transport players to ensure the stability and safety of the loads. Additionally, we are involved in the race to achieve ""0 fatalities by 2050"" established by 2011 Transport White Paper.
CONCLUSIONS: Currently, we have already developed an equipment set which is the first European tool to simulate the transportation risks events such as drops, impacts, vibration and compression for packed goods. We have launched to the market an integral solution 10% more price-competitive, with the broadest load range for packaging test simulation and able to reproduce real movements, thanks to its patented mechanism. Furthermore, aligned with the environmental European regulatory D1994/62/CE for packaging waste reduction, our system has started to help customers to optimize the packaging material, reducing it about 20%. Definitely, we are already being considered as the real and serious alternative to competitor companies, specially the strongest ones, the American companies. When any customer from any country asks for a project quotation, we are always considered as one of the three final options. In some cases, we have already been the winners, which has generated a revenue of 891.527 euros at 2019 year"
Safe Load TT, along this project has been working on two main areas: Technical and Commercial & Marketing. The Targets 1 & 2 are to improve the random vibration and impact simulation designs. The optimization of the existing units has been done through reduction in weight, dimensions and costs, standardization of the elements, improving materials and control new features. After testing the real industrial market interest, along the 2nd period of the project we have manufactured 2 prototypes, we have tested them successfully and we have promoted them. The Target 3 is to improve the horizontal stability simulation prototype developed during 2016. All the improvements are applied. These are reduction in costs and weight, new motor technology, new simulation offer (custom acceleration and roundabout) and implementation of safety issues. A new commercial unit is designed. Based on these tasks (1 ,2 & 3) developed, we have already sold 4 machines along 2019 year. The Target 4 has been accomplished fully, we have improved the current drop testing design. The new design has new issues as implementation of a security fence and a new controller. Based on this task 4, we have sold 1 unit along 2019 year. The Target 5 has been fulfilled, it is to improve the compression tester and generate a commercial 3D model adapted to the market. These improvements are new compact design and implementation of control software. Based on this task 5, we have already sold 1 unit along 2019 year. The Target 6 has been covered, it is to improve the original data recorder applying new technologies (new sensors). The tasks that we have done are to record 20 International routes, analyze them, integrate the obtained PSD´s and simulate them on the vibration simulator. Nowadays, a new data recorder is done. Based on this task 6, we have already sold 3 units. The Target 7 has been reached, it is to offer the most innovative technology and to guarantee the capability of attending the market demand (estimate 40 ud/year). During this project, some technical exhibitions have been visited looking for new technologies to improve our machines. In our Com&Mkt areas we have worked on the Target 8 which is to establish a commercial net and to disseminate the development of our simulation system within the goods transport sector. During this project, we have contacted more than 1.500 potential clients in order to show our new brand technology and its capabilities and benefits. As well, we have attended a total of 32 events (12 trade fairs/exhibitions and 20 specialized conferences). Additionally, we have created a strong SEO strategy based on a new web designed to show us as the leader of this sector, together with our active participation at the social media. The target 9 is to get a legal protection of our devices and to come into effect the European safety standards, which are tasks that we have concentrated on our new prototype innSlide Boomerang (developed at target 2), and which is on patent pending state. And the Target 10 is to carry out the financial, legal and administrative coordination of the project. As well, the coordination of the team with periodic meetings and the effective communication with EC. All tasks have been done permanently
The progress of this project has been extraordinary, we are now a principle actor of the sector. We are currently part of the main public associations (ISTA, EUMOS and IAPRI) where we are involved in the technical committees and also Board Members at ISTA-Europe and EUMOS associations.
Our brand name is well-known by all of customers involved in our sector. Most of them appreciate positively our arrival, they value our products as high-tech equipment with a smart design and easy to manage.
• We are the unique who is offering a full range solution.
• Comparing to our equipment, the lack of accuracy of our competitors’ machines, represents a remarkable advantage.
• The competitors’ equipment only performs the effect of horizontal force adapted to American standard, but not to the new European EUMOS test with a single machine, while our equipment performs both.
• Safe Load TT has developed a device for monitoring the routes of transport and make available the profiles that are then used to test with our simulation equipment.
• Our solution is the most price-quality balanced one.
Expected results
We have created the two functional prototypes that we have validated at market.
Likewise, we designed all equipment in order to accomplish the CE mark, so all our machineries are being sold with CE mark.
As it was planned on the GA, we started to sell machinery along 2019 year. We prepared 175 quotations and we sold 9 machines.

Potential impacts
Our successful strategy is leading us to get a remarkable impact in the European market where our company is considered the leader, and additionally to introduce our company in the most mature markets (Usa and China) before the time that it was planned. In fact, we have already got requests from both countries. Attending to these actions, we have got more than 1500 potential customers during 2019, and we are working to increase this figure along 2020. This means that we expect to reach a revenue of €1,6M in 2020, €2,6M in 2021 and €3,6M in 2022.
Our growth is generating wealth and new challenges to our suppliers which are working attending to our high-tech requirements. All of them are excited to work with us because they are improving their capabilities and growing up their businesses.
This growth has let us to contract 6 more people from the beginning of the project and we expect to contract one engineer and one sales expert during 2020
design optimized machine
Acceleration machine with impact module
Optimized SAFELOAD design
new isolation system