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Soundproof window with ventilation function

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - soundproof4win (Soundproof window with ventilation function)

Reporting period: 2018-10-01 to 2019-09-30

With the Soundproof4win project, the market launch of a soundproof window was implemented, which drastically reduces sound emissions in urbanized areas without closing the window with a novel approach. The special construction of the soundproof window slows down the sound penetration so that the noise level is attenuated. The innovative sound-absorbing materials used also significantly reduce noise when the window is open. It has been proven that the window reduces the external noise level in the partially opened state by more than 30 dB noise level with high air passage (60-80m3/h, as with a completely open window).

In contrast, soundproof windows so far available on the market gave the user a choice - to endure the penetration of street noise or let fresh air into the room. This is because the spread of noise is a physical transmission of airborne noise. This means that wherever air can enter the building through openings, airborne sound and thus noise will enter the building. Even with the best soundproof windows to date, the noise level in urban areas with open or tilted windows in the interior of an apartment can quickly exceed 30 dB(A).

The consequences of noise are a lower quality of life for city dwellers, the prevention of housing creation in the urban environment through legal requirements, but also physical illnesses, sleep disorders or depression among the inhabitants. According to an EU position paper of 2011, the cost of noise in the EU-27 is €84.5 million per decibel (dB(A)) in health care alone. In addition, property prices are falling by €25/ dB(A) per property.

With the new soundproof window from Eilenburger Fenstertechnik (EFt), we are remedying these deficiencies and offering a product with concrete added value over the state-of-the-art technology. Soundproofing windows have a total share of the EU window market in relation to the sales of ≈ 4 %, which corresponds to a market turnover of approx. 4.0 billion €. Accordingly, EFt has very good sales opportunities for this unique product.

The objectives within this SME Instrument Innovation Project included:

• Automation of production to reduce the manufacturing costs of the soundproof window
• Significant reduction of the manufacturing process time to 1/3 of the current installation time for absorbers and windows.
• Development of electrically operated windows for applications in buildings with building automation
• Planning tool for architects and planners for acoustic planning
• Contractual commitment of sales partners within and outside Europe
• A series of training sessions with architects / urban planners / employees of building physics offices in various European countries.
• Successful market launch and realization of an order intake volume of € 5,000,000

Both the technical and the commercial objectives were largely achieved. In Europe, the product was launched and established on the market. In concrete terms, the following progress was achieved within the framework of the project:

1) Market establishment in Europe of a technology to minimise outdoor noise indoors. EFt's innovative product is aimed primarily at owners and users of buildings who are permanently affected by noise levels in excess of 55 dB (A). The window is used and sold particularly in urban areas and in large transport and traffic infrastructures.
2) Target users will be enabled to achieve effective noise abatement in densely populated areas. The new absorber modules, as validated in the individual measurement series and reports, will provide EFt with significant noise reduction.
3) The project significantly increases the growth of the company's current turnover. EFt's competitiveness was increased by upscaling production and reducing manufacturing costs.
The project included both technological and commercial tasks. Technological activities included:

• Improvement of the sound insulation properties and upscaling of the product Eilenburger Schallschutzfenster. Construction variants suitable for series production with validated parameters for sound absorption, insulation, air flow and mechanical stability.
• Design software for determining the data / dimensions for the production of the absorber frame
• Automation of the manufacturing process. Development of the manufacturing process for absorber panels, cutting to size and assembly of box frames.
• Complete integration of the new manufacturing process into the existing EFt production line
• Production of Eilenburger soundproof windows in at least 4 different variants on the basis of the newly developed production process
• Testing the quality and productivity of the production process

The commercialisation strategy was further developed commercially and many communication and dissemination activities (marketing) were successfully carried out. The initial market entry took place in Central Europe. In the meantime, there are contacts to numerous European countries. The planning for 2020 and future years shows a significant increase in sales and, at constant fixed costs, a significantly improved EBIT, above all due to the international projects.

Overall, the commercial objectives have essentially been achieved, although the internationalisation of the product with the market launch on the entire European continent is progressing more slowly than expected. The slow internationalization is also a result of the change in the production process, which makes it more difficult to grant licenses.

The project management ensured the efficient and successful implementation of the project and took over all important tasks such as project monitoring (schedule and budget), management of administrative, contractual and legal aspects as well as communication with the EASME representatives.
The Eilenburger soundproof window is both a product and a process innovation. The aim was to establish a window with a new logic on the market and at the same time to compensate a shift in demand on the part of the customer (increasing need for comfort). The product innovation offers a service that allows the user to open the Eilenburger soundproof window in strong urban areas with an appropriate supply of fresh air, without being permanently annoyed by outside noise. In the course of further urbanisation in the vicinity of large cities and/or industrial, technological conurbations as well as increasing traffic volumes, noise poses a difficult problem for property owners/owners. Process innovation concerns the manufacturing process. In order to meet the expected demand, it is necessary to manufacture the soundproof windows in a semi-automated production line in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The unique selling point of the Eilenburger soundproof window is an optimised construction principle. It consists of two window levels with a peripheral edge frame in the form of a perforated plate. Specific properties can be derived from the special construction design. Due to the staggered arrangement of the ventilation blades, the air flow is directed specifically into an interior. Technologically, the soundproof window can strongly dampen the noise from outside due to its construction in tilt position. At the same time, fresh air supply is guaranteed as with an open window.
Soundproof window standard variant
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