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Nature, Technology and Design

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - NATEDE (Nature, Technology and Design)

Reporting period: 2018-08-01 to 2019-03-31

What is the problem/issue being addressed and why is it important for society:

The main problem being addressed is a very high level of indoor pollution (which can be up to 5x higher than outdoor pollution – based on WHO reports). Combined with the changing behaviour of people (whereby more and more people spend more and more time indoors), the indoor pollution issue can lead to acute lower respiratory infections in children under five and ischaemic heart disease, stroke, SBS, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer in adults creating problems to societies and straining health system in many developed countries. In EU alone, more than 400,000 people (and more than 3.8mn in the world) die prematurely every year as a result of air pollution (in 2012, household air pollution was responsible for 7.7% of the global mortality).

Overal objectives:

Development of the highly effective natural plant-based air purifier allowing to improve healthy indoor living through the “ELIMINATION OF INDOOR TOXIC AIR” and prevention of the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).
During the project, we have performed all planned works, developed all planned deliverables and met all anticipated milestones. The main results of the project include:
- We have developed commercially ready NATEDE products (pots and complementary products)
- We have developed commercially ready IT components for the NATEDE products (e-commerce, mobile applications and back-end server)
- We have certified the NATEDE solution (March 2019) making it legaly ready for commercial exploitation
- We have a very advanced discussions with P&G, which we hope will finalise in signing a commercial partnership agreement under which NAETED products would be paired with P&G products and sold through sales and distribution channels of P&G
- We have run highly successful Kickstarter campaign which allowed us to secure necessary pool of friendly users for field trials (run from January to March 2019), significantly increase visibility of the project towards stakeholders, potential partners and potential users across the whole world
- We have run highly successful Indigogo campaign which allowed us to significantly increase visibility of the project towards stakeholders, potential partners and potential users across the whole world
- We have ruyn succesfull field tests with friendly users which have resultet in a strong positive comments across social media and important word-of-mouth
- We have won several pitching competition and several design awards, putting NATEDE products in front of thousands of stakeholders (from potential B2C users to B2B partners)
- NATEDE products are now available not only thorugh our e-commerce on our website, but also through Indigogo - the links to these two stores are included in all our social media accounts
- We have gained significant visibility in the on-line and off-line world. We are enjoying now >5,000 backers on crowdfunding paltforms, who we are converting now into users as well as thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram (the number of followers is growing month on month), who we are also slowly converting into users
- We have filed for trademarks in different international markets. We have also extended the scope of current patent as well as applied for a new patent Filing for a new patent
Progress beyond the state of the art (electronic and natural air purifiers):
- NATEDE, being natural air purifier, creates new fresh air (not just cleaning the existing air) - NATEDE takes the current polluted air through the roots of a plant and stimulates faster and more efficient photosynthesis process for plant to produce fresh new air (rather than using active carbon and HEPA filters to clean the existing air)
- NATEDE targets all dangerous pollutants in the air (not just some of them) – NATEDE leverages plants abilities to clean many more pollutants in the air: trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and ammonia (rather than just dust, allergens, odours, benzene and formaldehyde)
- NATEDE not only purifies the air but also improves the well-being - NATEDE works with plants and therefore requires users to have plants. This improves well-being in two ways: i.) it is proven that presence of plants makes people happier, healthier and improves their spirit; ii.) the air created by NATEDE is a high quality fresh air.
- NATEDE is the most effective, ecological and at the same time technologically advanced natural air purifier with broad application (private and business use) - NATEDE offers: i.) 10x higher effectiveness, ii.) higher eco-friendliness as it is not plastic, iii.) it is fully controllable through smartphone, iv.) it offers full reading of air quality level.

Expected results by the end of the project:
- NATEDE products (pots and complementary products) are technically ready for commercial launch
- NATEDE products are fully tested with the friendly users and proving the expected performance
- NATEDE products are fully certified by appropriate regulatory bodies
- NATEDE products are recognisable and well perceived in Italy and abroad (by business partners and potential users)
- NATEDE products are reachable and can be pre-ordered through different commercial channels
- Additional applications for IPRs are filled (patents, copyrights, designs) on an international level

Potential impacts:
- Promotion of healthy indoor environment through education – NATEDE is helping to educate people that indoor pollution is higher than commonly thought and that it can be very harmful. This awareness will allow people to pro-actively make necessary steps to tackle the indoor pollution issue leading to healthier indoor environments
- Reduction of indoor pollution – NATEDE project takes head-on a challenge of reducing indoor pollution, which has been highlighted as one of the most pressing points in the fight against pollution
- Increase of quality of life – since it enhances indoor environments for optimal performance and well-being
- Improve health – NATEDE will improve people resistance to sicknesses and support the elimination of many “industrial” diseases (such as depression, sick-building-syndrome, etc.)
- Improve wealth of a broader society – since NATEDE will help to make people more vital and healthier, their performance at work will significantly increase (translating into higher incomes). The costs of sickness and absence will also be reduced not only for the private individuals but also for businesses.
- Creation of jobs - specifically, the NATEDE project has already created 24 employments in our company and is expected to grow job creation to 29 employments by Year-5 of operations (4th year after end of the project)
- Financial returns – NATEDE is expected to generate significant financial returns within the 4 year period after the project ends: ca. €94mn cumulative revenues and ca. €24mn cumulative EBITDA.
- Reforestation of the planet – NATEDE project plants trees. For every interest we receive from stakeholders, business partners and potential users, we sponsor planting trees. As soon as we commercially launch, this action will be put on a higher scale.
NATEDE prototype