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Future Proofing the Connected World: A Quantum-Resistant Trusted Platform Module


Runtime Risk Assessment, Resilience and Mitigation Planning – First Release

This deliverable relies on the output of Tasks 4.3, 4.4 & 4.5, and provides complementary functionality of the risk assessment framework delivered in D4.2. More specifically, it handles the unacceptable calculated risks by inferring (using backward-chaining techniques) the optimal mitigation actions (i.e., properties that have to be reactively attested) that have to be applied.

Project quality plan

The project quality plan (the project handbook) constitutes a set of project templates, explanations on the project management process, review process, quality checks, meeting organisation, which is communicated to all partners.

Security Risks in QR Deployments

Documentation of the security problems and risks that classical protocols, to be employed in the three envisioned use cases, might face in the presence of quantum adversaries.

First Report on the Security of the TPM

Initial report outlining security arguments for the integrated TPM functionality.

FutureTPM Reference Architecture

This deliverable will provide the specification of the FutureTPM reference architecture, the functional components and interfaces between them. It will provide an analysis and point of reference for the FutureTPM in relation to the three specific use cases, including an analysis of relevant classical protocols and the use cases themselves in terms of FutureTPM functionality.

First Report on New QR Cryptographic Primitives

This deliverable reports on the work done by all tasks, including the surveys, the newly developed algorithms, and the full specification of the candidate algorithms (TPM and TSS) that are to be implemented and evaluated by WP5.

First Report on Security Models for the TPM

Initial report describing and outlining security models for various implementations of TPM.

Risk Assessment Plan

The risk assessment plan shows how potential risks are assessed and mitigated in order to avoid any negative influence on the [ACRONYM] project objectives. The interrelated risk assessment plan – risk identification, handling and monitoring – will be established.

FutureTPM Use Cases and System Requirements

This deliverable will define the three use cases the FutureTPM will address. It will provide a detailed view of FutureTPM’s reference scenarios and describe a number of use cases within the reference scenarios. It will then derive the technical requirements for the FutureTPM project, including an analysis of how present-day TPM functionality can be implemented using QR cryptography.

Threat Modelling & Risk Assessment Methodology

This deliverable provides the normative specification of a meta-model which will be used by security analysts in order to capture the cartography of a QR TPM supported environment and the non-normative specification of a multi-step RA methodology that has to be applied prior to the risk quantification. It also provides the approach for integrating multiple levels of risk analysis and dependencies such as safety.

Internal and external IT communication infrastructure and project website

The external IT communication infrastructure constitutes a guideline for communication of the FutureTPM project to external target groups including conferences, marketing measures and communication channels. Furthermore this deliverable constitutes the launch of the internal communication infrastructure including the establishment of mailing lists or a subversion server, and the FutureTPM website.

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Implementing RLWE-based Schemes Using an RSA Co-Processor

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Machine-Checked Proofs for Cryptographic Standards - Indifferentiability of Sponge and Secure High-Assurance Implementations of SHA-3

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" A Game of ""Cut and Mouse"": Bypassing Antivirus by Simulating User Inputs "

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[Preprint] ObjectMap: Detecting Insecure Object Deserialization

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Risk-Limiting Tallies

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[Preprint] Transforming malicious code to ROP gadgets for antivirus evasion

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Can you sign a quantum state?

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