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Avionero – a new standard in flight search

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Avionero (Avionero – a new standard in flight search)

Reporting period: 2017-12-01 to 2018-05-31

Avionero has a very clearly defined business innovation; to create the most sophisticated user-centric flight search engine. We want to take the hassle out of searching for flights and integrate it into daily life. It should be as simple as ordering a taxi. The current issues around flight search engines is its restrictive search nature and a very dated user interface. The interface is not fully utilising the latest UX and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology available to developers. The user is neglected. We feel differently, the user has to be at the core of a service based product.
This will be realised thanks to advanced artificial intelligence integration. We recognize the strength and potential of AI-based applications to change the behaviour patterns of individuals. We have coupled this AI know-how with a refined user interface. This is a highly intuitive interface and by focusing on the user, we empower them to search for what they want and how they want. By lifting the constraints placed upon users we enable them to explore what is truly possible. This is the future of search engines and we are pioneering this now with Avionero.
We are on track and progressing well, public beta testing commenced January 2018. Beyond this we expect to deliver a state-of-the-art next generation flight search engine platform by January 2019.
During Horizon 2020 phase 1 our very ambitious goals were to;
• Launch public beta testing in Sweden, January 2018
• Launch public beta testing in Russia, April 2018
• Launch public beta testing in Spain, July 2018
• Launch public beta testing in The Netherlands, October 2018
• Launch public beta testing globally, January 2019
• Create awareness and hype around Avionero
We are happy to conclude that as of August 2018 we have managed to achieve these targets. Development has been going very well. We have a small yet highly motivated team of 5 developers. We have gone from architecture and design, to releasing various versions;
• A closed alpha version - 1st November 2017
• First open beta version in Sweden - 25th January 2018
• Second beta release in Russia on 18th April 2018
• We have launched a feature rich international beta release on 11th July 2018
Our dedication and commitment is clear as we have launched our global beta version a full 6 months ahead of schedule.
We have always had tremendous belief in Avionero. We had hoped that the Horizon 2020 Phase 1 funding would help us and it has in more ways in one. The capital injection has been a huge help at a time when we needed it. Furthermore, the support of the coaching support has been of huge value to us. We are have hit all out main targets and are KPI's show us ahead of our own challenging demands. This give us further fuel to push on and make Avionero in to a world class product.
The project supports enhanced mobility of the individuals by proposing a new concept of flight search, providing higher degree of transparency in the flight conditions and enhanced opportunities to pick the right flight for individual needs. We will support the user to find the most carbon friendly flight to minimize their impact on the environment. This will be achieved through embedded AI functionalities.
Tech start-ups like Avionero demonstrate strong potential for new jobs creation . Avionero will positively contribute to the economy and continue to reinvest into the company to facilitate its rapid growth over the coming years. The turnover within five years from launch is expected to reach approx. EUR 24 million. At this stage, the company is projected to have approx. 120 employees and become the largest player on the EU market. Avionero will make a strong impact on the EU market, allowing travelers to find personalised travel options, which will stimulate demand in the whole EU tourism sector.
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