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Reporting period: 2017-11-01 to 2018-04-30

According to Forbes, it is expected that the global revenues of the IT market in the cloud will increase from € 150,000 million in 2015 to € 325,000 million in 2020. By the way, there are some elements that prevent companys and organizations from completely migrating their IT infrastructures to public cloud environments and make efficient use of them. Existing analysis presents that the IT infrastructures expending of worldwide is currently 50-60% above what is really necessary, due to serious resource inefficiencies.

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) are aplying 3 services comsumtion models: “Pay-per-Use”, where a fixed price is applied for the time of use of the cloud services, “Capacity Reserve” where the client performs a advance payment of services to CSP and “Demand Driven Costs” according to the real time supply and demand usage of cloud services,. This instances are called SPOT instances in AWS -this being the terminology assimilated by the rest of CSP's.

The main purpose of Skytuneup is to facilitate the use of Spot instances, much more economical, in productive environments, through an automated decision engine that will allow the escalation of said instances to instances of payment for use.

ENIMBOS has identified a unique business opportunity in the market, taking advantage of the potential of the Spot instances through a compelling Software as a Service (SaaS) platform called SKYTUNEUP.The strategy based on renewing the current business model and completely align its interests with those of its clients: the revenues will be based on the cost savings achieved for its customers.
Adding to the functionality of the algorithm capable of predicting the future prices of the instances, select and test the most appropriate to the needs of the client and return feedback to the system, the system ensure the availability of the system to a 100% using an innovative heterogenious Auto-Scalling group platform that enable the use of Spot and “on-demand” instances of different types and schedule the automation of groups of instances, composed from a tagging selection mode.

ENIMBOS’ solutions will contribute to increase efficiency in the use of resources and equipment of datacentres, significantly reducing energy consumption. As a matter of fact, if the 100% of the computing resources could be used, a 2% of the energy consumed worldwide could be reduced, thus contributing to the sustainability of the environment.
This project starts with the identification of the main differentiating features of SKYTUNEUP, which will be the key of a successfully market launch. ENIMBOS has develops a new business model that offers a value proposition oriented to the multicloud operation the implementation in several Datacenters, the availability of a Spot prediction engine, the diversification of instances into fast and profitable workloads, the programmed automation for stopping, starting and resizing of instances and cloud resources automatically, making planned backups and improving the energy efficiency of IT environments. The proposal will be taken to customers through social networks and direct promotion campaigns and will be channelled through direct sales, targeted actions, telemarketing, agents and distributors.

To analyse the progress of SKYTUNEUP in the market, ENIMBOS carried out an in-depth study on IT industry and specifically on cloud technology, identifying the main competitors and the different services that they offer to customers. The conclusion obtained of this study is that most of the service providers, try to apply the automation and backup functionalities, but based on an obsolete approach, developing custom scripts and offering consulting services, providing a revenue model on a project mode focus, but not on a SaaS mode. None of those traditional players are moving to a SaaS mode for an auto-provision technology. ENIMBOS offers key advantages for cloud consuming companies, which today is not able to match any other competitor in the market.

After carrying out a market study and analysing the possibilities of the project and its penetration into it, during the market penetration phase, dissemination actions of SKYTUNEUP will be critical in order to increase visibility and reach maximum potential customers. With this regard, ENIMBOS will perform a wide dissemination campaign attending to critical events and being involved in several platform and industrial initiatives.

Finally, ENIMBOS will be focused in three potential markets and on creating the necessary governance structure for an effective project direction and management, and a customer care department that responds to the needs of each of these countries.
Skytuneup will be the differentiating services platform of ENIMBOS in the market. It will consist of an algorithm engine and Machine Learning and decision-making platform that will allow the operation of different public clouds (AWS, Azure, ...) using the Spot instances in the most efficient way in productive environments with full service availability and that will lead to significant cost savings (approximately 80% for customers).

The main differentiating goals of SKYTUNEUP are:
•Launch an algorithm to predict SPOT instances pricing.
•Operate in the main public clouds currently with the use of SPOT instances.
•Ensure 100% availability using an innovative heterogeneous auto-scaling group platform for SPOT and “on-demand” instances of different types of resources.
•Schedule the automation of groups of instances.
•Capacity to deploy new rollouts on productive environments, simplifying operation.
•Provide the user with a product that does not require personalization and adapts to the individual needs of each one.

ENIMBOS developments will have a positive impact on the global energy consumption and efficiency in the Data Centres: most of these centres around the world are currently working with only the 30% of their equipment, which generates an oversized capacity and therefore overheating them. In addition, the remaining 70% goes into hibernation mode, so that its useful life is reduced, and there are constant losses of energy and efficiency.

ENIMBOS solutions, which greatly optimize the use of the cloud, will contribute to increasing efficiency in the use of resources and equipment of the Data Centres, helping to significantly reduce energy consumption and increase the life cycle of the teams. Moreover, if 100% of the computing resources of the Data Centres could be used, 2% of the energy consumed worldwide could be reduced, thus contributing to the sustainability of the environment.
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