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Toilet IoT sensor for medical monitoring and wellness tool

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Outsense Phase-1 (Toilet IoT sensor for medical monitoring and wellness tool)

Reporting period: 2017-10-01 to 2018-03-31

OutSense Diagnostics Ltd is an Israeli startup providing early diagnostics solutions in the field of abnormalities & pathologies detectable in the body excretions such as faeces and urine. Since 2014 the team has been working on development of an innovative medical device; initial application for early diagnosis of colorectal cancer through a scientific-based methodology to automatic, continuous screening of occult (hidden) blood in body excretions. For the first time in human history, technology can allow people to have their excretions scanned automatically and immediately receive actionable insights based on the underlying chemical and physical composition. This will give new ways to improve healthcare and wellness, monitor diets and personalize nutritional needs.
Motivation, Market Needs and Business Opportunity Detected: Colorectal Cancer (CRC) is considered one of the deadliest forms of cancer, and yet it is easily cured when detected early. Although early screening is highly encouraged, nearly 700,000 die of the disease every year worldwide, just because it wasn’t detected in time. Current lab based screening methods suffer from mediocre accuracy and require stool handling, as such they suffer from low compliance.
Clearly, there is a real need for a more accurate and less invasive test that will also increase compliance for CRC early detection.
For example, A hands-free solution that scans automatically for traces of blood in stool and does so hundreds of times throughout the year offers not only increased accuracy but also increased compliance.
But, how to scan stools, with high accuracy, frequently without patient’s intervention to take the stool? In the era of Internet of Things (IoT), where everything may be sponsored, where people use smartphones for almost every single activity, our innovation relies on modernizing a 450 years’ invention: the toilet.
OutSense Diagnostics Ltd. brings into the market SA-M, the next generation of for early detecting CRC. SA-M is the first solution transforming the toilet into an IoT medical device. OutSense is a toilet based (clip-on) sensor, designed to be user friendly, utilizing a unique proprietary optical setup, a data acquisition board, connectivity and a mobile phone app. It automatically scans every biological ‘exit’, hands-free and seamless to the user; capable of identifying even minute traces of blood in stool. Unlike current chemical diagnostics kits, which are used once a year in labs, the new sensor will perform hundreds of measurements per year, improving accuracy and compliance.
The overarching objective of the present feasibility study was to collect clinical data and evidences in medical centres regarding the acceptance, effectiveness, potential impact of OutSense. This would enable the successful continuation of the development of the product, help assess the risks associated with the planned industrialization and scalability, and reduce the risks associated with the commercialization of the solution.
We confirmed the technical, practical and financial viability of the project to go ahead and follow next steps towards commercialization.
with the market demand constantly increasing, and understanding what our target customers look for, our USPs are mainly compliance –for individuals- and accuracy –for health organisations-. Compliance because of the simplicity of testing as well as the exclusion of false positives; accuracy because OutSense avoid false positives and therefore diminish the overall cost of colonoscopy.
• We are responding to the changing needs of CRC patients, their families and caregivers by providing a very easy to use tool that avoids stool handling while at the same time screens in an accurate way all recorded information. This result convenient for the patients and save costs. For HMOs, provides accurate and sensitive data, reduced the need of unnecessary and expensive colonoscopies and releasing labour resources. This makes the healthcare system CRC process more efficient
• Being a user-centric solution, we work to maximize their experience by providing a well-designed and user friendly interface and added value services as: Pushing news through the mobile application, encouraging healthy lifestyle (we can provide nutrition recommendation E.g. Eat more fibres! Drink more water! etc.).