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A New Model of Global Governance in International Tax Law Making

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - GLOBTAXGOV (A New Model of Global Governance in International Tax Law Making)

Reporting period: 2018-02-01 to 2019-07-31

Argentina, T20 Inception Week Task Force on Trade, Investment and Tax Cooperation G20
Lund, Sweden GREIT Conference June 2019 Tax and Development
Montenegro, Fiscalis 2020 BEPS Action 6
Addis Tax Initiative/International Tax Compact Berlin July 2019
The Netherlands, Dutch Association of Tax Advisors BEPS Action 12
Belt Road Initiative Cooperation two ERC Projects GLOBTAXGOV and TRICI-LAW
Conference Tax Competition
Workshop Lorent Center: How countries learn to Tax
Columbia Center Sustainable Investment, Columbia University, New York
Canada, McGill University, The role of national governments in Global Tax Governance
CIAT International Taxation Network Meeting
Hong Kong, The EU and its Partners in Global Governance EUCROSS conference
Canada, McGill Innovation Week BEPS Action 5
Lorentzcenter workshop: How countries learn to tax
Germany, G20 Global Solutions Summit

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Grant agreement ID: 758671


Ongoing project

  • Start date

    1 February 2018

  • End date

    31 January 2023

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    € 1 384 750

  • EU contribution

    € 1 384 750

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