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A hybrid solar panel that maximises heat capture and electricity generatio

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - ECOMESH (A hybrid solar panel that maximises heat capture and electricity generatio)

Reporting period: 2018-02-01 to 2018-05-31

As the shift towards eco-friendly solutions to energy and power become increasingly important in the European and global landscape today, there is a pressing need to produce a spatially efficient photovoltaic unit which generates more energy without the need for a large surface area. To combat high costs and low reliability of current PVT solutions, a hybrid solar panel has been introduced by EndeF, the ECOMESH. This next generation hybrid panel combines the abilities of a solar panel and a solar collector, allowing it to heat water for the household, while producing electrical power at the same time. Conventional photovoltaic panels only take advantage of 15% of the solar energy they receive, while 5% is reflected and the remaining 80% is lost as heat to the environment through the front and back of the panel. A standard hybrid panel (PVT panel) is able to recover part of the heat loss from the back of the face, up to 40%. Unlike conventional PVTs, the ECOMESH hybrid solar panel is able to recover the heat lost through the front and back, thus achieving maximum efficiency. This combination gives a higher total power output per panel while doing it with a fraction of the surface area. EndeF’s goal is to continue to develop the electrical and thermal generation technology in order to become the market leader in building PVT installations.
EndeF undertook a full analysis of both the technical and business potential of the ECOMESH panel concluding that it would be highly valuable for the commercial and residential building markets. EndeF reviewed the results from previous installations with end users in the areas of commercial (hotels, retirement homes, hospitals, and sporting centers) and residential (apartments and houses) homes in order to identify needed improvements to be made during the Phase 2 project. Specifically, they defined the necessary upgrades to the PV panels and heat recovery systems necessary for maximum efficiency and long term durability. The company used the feasibility study to scout additional suppliers and end users to participate in the assembly and demonstration of the ECOMESH panel.
The expected outcome of the project is to successfully execute the market validation and demonstrate the value of residential panels with the ability to deliver both electrical and thermal energy to buildings in one compact and spatially efficient unit. The ECOMESH development will boost economic growth and create jobs within EndeF
First PVT installation in a public owner building in Spain
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ECOMESH installation in a hotel
ECOMESH installation in a residential building