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SME LOYALISER: fostering SME retailers through LOYALty Integrated SERvices

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SME LOYALISER (SME LOYALISER: fostering SME retailers through LOYALty Integrated SERvices)

Reporting period: 2018-02-01 to 2018-05-31

Digital and mobile technologies are redefining the retail industry so dramatically/irreversibly/finally/profoundly that they leave merchants with only one question - ‘Are my customers faithful followers or fair-weather fans?’ Large retail corporations waste no time nor capital on rolling out aggressive loyalty schemes. These shopping programs are designed to snatch an ever-increasing market portion to ensure a continued flow of profits. However, these complex and costly solutions are out of reach for most SMEs who are in danger of losing whatever market share they still command.
SME Loyaliser by bluesource is a comprehensive European mobile retail platform that for the first time ever gives SMEs a competitive advantage by reducing customer churn and instead helps them to win, engage and retain customer relationships.
The objectives of this project are to develop and test-drive all of the retailer, shopper and partner-facing components, build a portfolio of key B2B partnerships that will enrich the functionality of the final solution, promote SME Loyaliser and monetize all of its services.
To date, our Market Analysis identified key European retail markets where we can commercialize SME Loyaliser. We constructed rollout strategies that target the profile of each country's predominant retail sectors.
The SME Loyaliser ecosystem is highly depended on well-established partnerships with enterprises that will boost the usefulness of our solution. The Partner Scoping study defined groups of partners that we will need and what value each enterprise would bring to the project.
We performed the FtO Analysis to make sure that we would not breach existing intellectual property rights in any of our target markets.
The Technical Roadmap delineated specific technical and commercial steps necessary for the development and distribution of SME Loyaliser. We concluded our research with a profit-driven Business Plan.
We foresee a three-fold impact that our solution will have on the European commerce and society:
SME Loyaliser will make it easier and more effective for interested retail market players to interact with one another on a single mobile platform
SME Loyaliser will empower retail SME's to automate, personalize and analyse their marketing efforts to reach their customer base
SME Loyaliser will champion Europe’s ownership of its data, user payment pathways, revenues and geopolitical influence. It will help to regain control over what is essentially a European property.