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Earth Images Discovery Order Shop API.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - EIDOS - API (Earth Images Discovery Order Shop API.)

Reporting period: 2018-03-01 to 2018-08-31

GEOCENTO is a company founded by Earth Observation and Space experts. After a successful launch of our WEB-based imagery marketplace EarthImages, we are currently receiving 90,000+ image searches per year, gained good market traction and seen a recent image sales boost (€200K+ during 2018Q1-Q3). Now we aim at a big step forward, opening the software base we used for EarthImages in a fully-fledged API ecosystem to build powerful imagery marketplaces. The EIDOS-API is a business idea which will convert us into the leader for provision of technology to build airborne/satellite imagery marketplaces.
We have already developed the base technology to support this vision and validated the market by generating significant traction among main industry players, we are now looking for investment to become the de-facto standard satellite/airborne earth observation access platform.
This SMEI Phase-1 let us assess the commercial, technical and financial viability of EIDOS.
On the commercial side, we could identify the main niche markets and build a specific and targeted portfolio of solutions and communication strategy for each of them (8 user-cases identified upon the study of 388 RFQs). We also could devise a preliminary communication and commercialization strategy and confirm our freedom to operate in the targeted markets.
On the technical side, we could redefine the software architecture to reliably address all identified per-user-case demands and test the deployment architecture upon which the service will be offered to our clients.
On the financial/business side, we could confirm the financial viability of the project, and the steps required to bring it to market after the end of Phase-2 including a thorough risk management plan and the work-plan that will make it possible.
The main disruptions of EIDOS-API are:
- Provide a uniform access to the fragmented landscape of imagery providers. No one has done this before!
- Generate consolidated standardised metadata to provide our users full images context to facilitate decision taking and discovery of the right images. A real game-changer beyond state-of-art!
- EIDOS allows building fully customised apps upon our ecosystem, but also allows 3rd parties to provide value-added services, becoming the first marketplace for imagery value added services!
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