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Phononic Waveguide-based Platforms for Quantum Technologies


The implementation of technologies based on the rules of the quantum realm lies at the forefront of worldwide research and investment efforts. A particularly appealing application is the design of an advanced computer where quantum nodes and connectors form a miniaturized processing network. So far, many designs have been proposed based on light or other systems, but not so far on the quanta of vibrations (phonons). In this project I will go beyond discrete phonon-photon (optomechanical) quantum systems into studying a full platform based on optimized phonon emitters in combination with continuous phononic media (i.e. waveguides), for whose a fundamental understanding at the quantum level is lacking. I aim at exploiting the richer phenomenology arising for elastic phonons (e.g. longitudinal polarization states, or hybrid bulk+surface modes) to increase the effiency of protocols and devices beyond their photonic counterpart, possibly obtaining yet unattained functionalities. In the first part of this project I will develop a quantum theory of these Waveguide Elastodynamics (WQLD) platforms focusing on experimentally realistic setups. I will also incorporate the concept of phononic crystal and phononic chirality (spin-orbit coupling), and bring both these ideas to the quantum level. This will set up an enlarged parameter space for WQLD. In the second part of this project I will study simple quantum protocols, including operations on various phononic states and dissipative engineering of quantum correlations between phononic quantum emitters. Finally, in the last part I will focus on particular applications: first I will use nonreciprocal (chiral) waveguide-emitter couplings to engineer a heat isolator, which allows heat to flow along one preferential direction. Second, I will implement phononic devices for signal distribution in computing networks (e.g. diodes and transistors). My work aims at demonstrating the potential of WQLD platforms for quantum technologies.

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