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Welcoming Syrian Refugees to İstanbul University: Improving Capacity and Knowledge Sharing


With the flow of millions of Syrian refugees, Turkish higher education is facing the challenge of including ever growing numbers of refugee students to its system and preparing the system and institutions to their access, participation and inclusion. Although Turkey has taken crucial steps to provide refugees with access to higher education by revising and improving its legal framework, enrollment rates –which is above the world average of %1- are still low and needs further improvement along with the need to focus on their participation both educational and employment level.
There is an apparent need to understand the multifaceted, complex needs of refugee students, and to assure their integration into the system. HEIs’ recognition and understanding of the refugee students, researchers would not only contribute to their access and participation to academy, job market, eventual success and empowerment but would further increase the awareness regarding their value and diversity in the society.
Therefore. with the aim of increasing effective cooperation with science and society and pairing science with social awareness and responsibility the project oversees the inclusion and participation of refugee students and researchers to HES in Turkey through the piloting of specifically tailored support mechanisms, general staff trainings, good practice and knowledge sharing with increased communication and cooperation.
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Istanbul Universitesi Center Campus Beyazit Eminonu
34452 Istanbul


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    1 May 2018

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    30 June 2019

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