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Reusable precast steel-concrete composite floors


There is an urgent need for sustainable development in modern societies. The construction sector can play an important role in achieving a sustainable environment, since the production of new materials is an energy-intensive process, which is responsible for about 15% of the global CO2 emissions, and buildings are usually demolished at the end of their useful life producing waste. A more sustainable solution is to develop innovative structural solutions that allow for the reuse of building components directly to new projects. In this way, the construction will produce less CO2 emissions, much less waste will go to landfill, and the natural resources of the planet will be used more responsibly. This project proposes a novel way to connect precast concrete slabs with steel sections that offer the advantages of a) off-site fabrication of all components; b) easy and fast installation on the construction site; c) disassembly of the composite floor; and d) direct reuse of all components in new projects. The project will use experimental testing complemented by numerical analyses to develop the proposed novel structural system. The experiments will provide evidence on the physical behaviour and the ultimate failure modes of the proposed system, whereas numerical simulations using advanced mathematical models will be used to study numerous geometrical configurations and generalise the results of the tests. Based on the results of the tests and the simulations, recommendations for the practical design of the proposed system will be proposed.


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