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Bridge Reestablishment Solutions – Super Fast Telescopic Launching System (SF-TLS)

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SF-TLS (Bridge Reestablishment Solutions – Super Fast Telescopic Launching System (SF-TLS))

Reporting period: 2018-04-01 to 2018-09-30

This project aims to develop a new superfast launching system capable of launching an innovative modular bridge solution, based in a telescopic boom that can reduce the assembling and launching time up to 70%.
The response capacity of existing solutions is currently limited - in many situations, the installation of a modular bridge is not a viable alternative to minimize the impact caused by the lack or loss of circulation.
A new superfast launching system (SF-TLS) guarantees:
- Complete launching in once and only from one of the banks with no need to make previous works on the opposite bank;
- Super fast launching comparing with conventional method;
- Elimination of structural risk and safety of the operation – bridge is supported along all the path;
- Current conventional modular bridge compatible.
The SF-TLS with a range of up to 120m was designed to be thrown horizontally over a river or valley. After reaching the opposite margin, the system self-propels its own support, which is capable of adjusting to the natural terrain conditions.
The modules of the bridge are connected to each other by quick connections (bolted and pinned) together with the base module of the boom. After bridge installation, the telescopic boom will be shortened without recourse to any external means.
We’ve intended to mature our solution’s business plan and define future strategies to enhance the solution market introduction.
BERD evaluated several feasibility aspects in terms of operations, technical, legal/standards, costs and schedule. A detailed market study involving the direct contact with the potential buyers - infrastructure managers, civil protection responsible and contractors’ procurement in developed markets were partially done and introduced importante data to accurate the SF-TLS business plan.
This project will make a significant leap in relation to the current state of art of modular bridges systems, both in the time of assembly and in the span that can be achieved.
In concrete terms, the present solution has the following technical advances:
Reduction of assembly time for new modular bridges up to 70% in time comparing with current solutions (60m span conventional modular bridge is usually assembled in 5-7 days; SF-TLS ables assembling in 1 day);
Reduction of assembly time for current conventional modular bridges
To enable the bridge assembly and launching only from a bank
It was also possible to conclude that a new service can be introduce for infrastructure managements. None Disruption Service (NDS) can be implemented in toll higways or any other infrastructure that is managed taking in consideration the huge direct financial cost for the managing company and also the relevant social-economical cost (indirect) for drivers/users.