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Commercial-scale Graphene Electronic Devices Fab


Innovative graphene-based electronic devices have been studied, demonstrated and prototyped
during the Graphene FET Flagship project
Graphene Electronic Devices include GFETs (Graphene Field-Effect Transistors) that are
multipurpose chips that can be used in advanced photonics (photosensors, x-ray sensors, optical
communications) and sensors (chemical sensors, biosensors, hall sensors, pressure sensors)
among other applications
Currently, GFET devices are manually produced in a labour intensive, small scale (individual
prototypes), small wafer size (<50mm) and very low production yield (high % of device failure)
The research community and industry have a great interest in these devices
The current Semiconductor manufacturers (Fabs) are focused in very large volume markets (+ 1
million units) so there is an opportunity for a Graphene Fab (GFAB) that produces GFETs according
to customer’s specifications
The objective of this project is to assess the feasibility of launching a new “Graphene Electronic
Devices Fab” (GFAB) business that will offer Graphene Electronic Device fabrication to the
industry and research centres
Specially, the so called GFETs (Graphene Field Effect Transistors) have been developed during the
FET Graphene Flagship project. GFETs are a special type of Graphene Electronic Device that offer
higher performance for a wide range of applications
The Graphene Electronic Devices must be produced under certified cleanroom manufacturing
environment (ISO verified) using industry standard wafer sizes (150mm, 200mm and/or 300mm)
offering a reliable, cost-competitive, fast and high yield product (ideally +95% yield).
A complete supply chain must be defined by the incorporation of partners in the materials producers,
IC (integrated circuits) design, semiconductor fabs, and equipment manufacturers sectors.
This business will have an outstanding impact in the photonics and sensors industries and will
accelerate the adoption of Graphene technology in other applica

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