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A diagnostic tool for endometritis in cows, based on a portable automated image recognition software

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Better Dairy (A diagnostic tool for endometritis in cows, based on a portable automated image recognition software)

Reporting period: 2018-05-01 to 2018-09-30

The postpartum period is a critical period in the life of dairy cattle and management of the most important problems and diseases at an early stage. Subclinical endometritis is one of the most common and devastating diseases that significantly disrupts the reproductive performance of cows. Subclinical endometritis is the inflammation of the uterine endometrium without mucopurulent material accumulation in the vagina and any systemic symptom. Subclinical endometritis causes severe economic losses, including increased open days, calving intervals, and number of services to achieve conception; and in some cases, it can result in the cow becoming infertile. Until now, awareness of subclinical endometritis has been limited and on average 40% of cattle develop endometritis as they are not diagnosed in time for treatment.
Oculyze offers the first tool for mobile and automated diagnosis of subclinical endometritis in cows, Better Dairy, and represents the first application in the field of animal diagnostics and its successful commercialization will open the door to what could be the new benchmark in mobile diagnostics. Oculyze’s solution is based on an integrated automated image recognition system powered by a handheld high-resolution microscope. In order to reach commercialisation, Oculyze aims to upgrade its hardware and software, scale-up production and validate the technology in a commercial dairy farm setting.
Oculyze undertook a full analysis of both the technical and business potential of the Better Dairy concluding that it would be highly valuable for the dairy farming industry. Oculyze analysed the results from the first in-cattle testing and determined the necessary engineering and optimisation required. Oculyze defined the testing to be performed to ensure effective technical validation for CE Marking, and a commercial validation to determine the benefits for veterinarians and dairy farmers. Oculyze also utilised the feasibility study to identify all missing stakeholders from the value chain including all suppliers; analyse the target markets and define the commercialisation strategy; and elaborate financial projections and required investments.
The expected outcome of the project is to successfully upgrade the microscope hardware and associated software and demonstrate the technical functionality and accuracy in diagnosing subclinical endometritis. Oculyze will also perform a commercial validation with veterinarians and dairy farmers. The results will be used to apply for the CE Mark certification and enable commercialisation in Europe. The Better Dairy diagnostic tool will raise awareness of subclinical endometritis and enable early detection for timely treatment and to reduce losses to farmers. The Better Dairy development will boost economic growth and create jobs within Oculyze.
Oculyze's first product (Better Brewing) in use.