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A Digital Copy of the Earth

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Nomoko (A Digital Copy of the Earth)

Reporting period: 2018-05-01 to 2018-10-31

Cost-effective, accurate and interactive 3D models of the Earth would enable and accelerate the development of services and technologies that are not imaginable today. Automation in all sectors is slowed down by the cost of creating realistic simulation environments. Additionally, augmented and virtual reality are limited by the inaccuracy of the data of the physical world on which AR/VR applications are built. This is affecting the potential development of several industries and slowing down the transition towards “smart cities” and “smart services” in general. Creating a digital world that is a twin of the real world would constitute the backbone of what is defined as the 4th industrial revolution.
Phase 1 objectives focus on technical and commercial feasibility of the product, determining technical specifications and adjustment of the business plan and its scalability based on user feedback from field trials performed. It also comprises developing a strategy for a successful go-to-market, updating the financial projections and detailing a work plan, resources allocation and a risk management plan
During Phase 1, a complete feasibility study has been carried. This study was the opportunity for future clients to interact with our product and give us a detailed feedback, addressing all the corresponding technical and commercial aspects of our solution. This helped review our financials and update the Business Plan to include all requirements derived from field trials feedback.
Main results achieved from the 6 months field trials showed further development and technical requirements needed to achieve a product (an interactive 3D model) ready for the market. These findings helped to update Nomoko’s strategy, including lighthouse projects on the road towards the final platform objective.
Expected final results are the optimization of Nomoko's product (an interactive 3D model) and technology (a capture system and a 3D pipeline) according to technical requirements identified, development of strategic partnerships (mainly 3D software companies) and start the development of commercial partnerships by conducting lighthouse projects (as a testing and marketing effort).
The potential impact of having a digital twin of the earth with Nomoko’s platform is impressive as it opens possibilities to a wide range of applications beyond the frontiers of our own business model, becoming the trigger to open untapped markets.