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New Super Resolution microscopy solution for living cell imaging


In the last years, major advances in imaging have significantly contributed to the improvement of EU citizens’ quality of life,
from research to diagnostic and therapy. Super Resolution microscopy (SR) is a milestone discovery which goes beyond the
limits of optics, typically around 250nm, or ¼ of a μm (one can see inside a virus!). Nevertheless, SR has yet to become a
standard imaging modality, like the confocal or the widefield microscopes. Dissemination is still slowed by three critical
- damage to the biological tissue – it’s almost impossible to observe live cells
- technical complexity – only highly skilled operators can use the instruments
- cost of ownership – typically around half million euros for a complete solution
BioAxial, a Paris-based company, has developed the CODIM family of SR microscopes, using proprietary and well-patented
technology. After proof of concept, a 1st generation system has been acquired and is used by major players (Pasteur
Institute, Sanofi, Konica Minolta). Leveraging our core technology, LiveCODIM changes the game, scaling up SR
microscopy, with a breakthrough solution:
- specifically designed for the study of living cells
- a plug and play system requiring neither extensive, multi-skill staff training nor complex sample preparation
- 3x more cost-effective than the few other comparable solutions, with higher resolution
- which turns any fluorescence microscope into the latest generation SR system.
Not just an evolution, but a genuine revolution, LiveCODIM initially addresses the life science imaging market, a 1Bn€
playground, and has many other potential applications, in diagnostic (human tissue) and outside life science.
This project brings multiple benefits to EU citizens, by its contribution to life and environmental improvement.

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