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The Revolutionary Tooth Replacement System for Minimally Invasive Immediate Dental Implants

The Revolutionary Tooth Replacement System for Minimally Invasive Immediate Dental Implants


Losing a tooth is a common issue nowadays- 69% of the people at the age of 35-40 have lost at least one tooth in their life- which might imply both physical and psychological impacts for the person losing it.
In order to minimise these, there are several “traditional” dental techniques that can be used for tooth replacement, such as dental bridges and implants. However, both tCurrently, best practices in dentistry for single-tooth placement are the use of dental bridges and dental implants. However, both traditional solutions have their disadvantages when it comes to single tooth replacement: Three-unit dental bridges require the use of the teeth adjacent to the one missing and crowned with the consequent missing tooth structure. On the other hand, traditional screw-type implants cannot be always placed in the best position for the future prosthesis because of the limitations of the remaining available bone. They need expensive prosthetic abutments and a surgical procedure for its placement and due to discomfort and fear they are very often rejected by patients. Our solution, The new REPLICATEline offers patients a minimally invasive, immediate aesthetic solution, reducing postoperative pain and patients´ fear to implants, helping to set a new standard for treatment. Its design is fully customized to the patient allowing a
general dentist to replace a single tooth in just one
appointment, without having to drill into the jawbone. The dentist just extracts the tooth, inserts the REPLICATE Diamond Ceramic Tooth into the bone socket and bonds the Temporary Protective Crown to the adjacent teeth providing protection and stability during the healing process. This reduces time, cost, risk and patient inconvenience associated with traditional dental implants. This line will also have an economic impact for our company: Early forecasts predict a boost of sales to 40.000 units in the first 3 years after commercialization, resulting in €19,4 Million of accumulated profits.




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