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Developing the world’s first food wrapping machine with organic film

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Proteus 25 (Developing the world’s first food wrapping machine with organic film)

Reporting period: 2018-05-01 to 2018-08-31

DeltaPak vision is to provide packaging solutions that will eliminate food and packaging wastes in financially viable approaches. Wastes from unconsumed food and packaging are a cause of negative economic, environmental and social consequences. All these issues are recognised to be one of the sustainability problems that need to be addressed in the food retail. Concerning the European food waste estimation, the sector contributing the most to food waste are households with 47 million tonnes each year with the costs connected with food waste at 143 billion euros. Additionally, food packaging is a noteworthy contributor to waste problems with 79.4 million tonnes originated from packaging materials.

Proteus technology provides the first zero-impact solution on the market by combining a) shelf life extension of the packaged goods, b) biodegradable bioplastic packaging and c) on demand product packaging and labelling adaptability.

The objectives of the action were
1) To develop a roadmap to bring the technology up to TRL 9
2) Assessing the commercial feasibility
3) Examine the financial viability
The work carried out created a plan to validate the organic, Air purification technology development roadmap and set objectives and milestone for the distributed electronics intelligence system including the modularity, connectivity and preventive maintenance functionalities. Furthermore the project defined terms of pilot roll-outs and conduct an in-depth market analysis of the food wrapping industry and assess the total market opportunity and total serviceable market analysis The study evaluated other adjacent opportunities outside of the food wrapping industry (e.g. pharma, chemicals, cosmetics, etc.) and Prepare and validate exploitation and commercial strategy, including pricing strategy, assessing possible partnerships with distributors and detailing B2B sales strategy and a detailed FTO (Freedom to operate analysis). Furthermore, this work depicted a dissemination strategy to ensure we are engaging our main stakeholders and audiences through the appropriate channels. Finally the project conducted a risk/benefit analysis assessing the project’s profitability and performed a detailed assessment and validation of the investment and resources required to execute Phase 2, as well as financial projections after 5 years of commercialization (including metrics such as return on investment, employment generated, sales, turnover, etc.). and updated and provided corporate business plan and strategy.
The project has validated the capacity of Deltapak to provide the first packaging machine with zero environmental impact. The technical validation showed that the purifier to prolong the shelf life of the food, the biopolymer film is suitable for stretch film wrapping and the adaptability of the product packaging and labelling is feasible with an IoT system architecture.