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Fully integrated CBRN incident management system for public safety and private venues with large crowds

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SafeZone (Fully integrated CBRN incident management system for public safety and private venues with large crowds)

Reporting period: 2018-04-01 to 2018-08-31

Since 2015, with successive terrorist attacks (both attempted and carried out) in various European countries, non-military security forces and heads of privately-managed public spaces have shown interest to deploy permanent or temporary solutions for Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear (CBRN) incident management. Leveraging on the significant interest expressed by non-military end-users since 2015, Bruhn NewTech shifted its innovation strategy to develop a CBRN preparedness and response system for civilian purposes. However, developing, deploying and testing a civilian-targeted CBRN incident management system ready for use by non-trained security officers is a big undertaking. In order to minimize potential risks involved in our efforts we conducted a feasibility study where the main tasks were:
Task 1. Conduct a thorough Market Analysis and user involvement research, to support both our technical and business development efforts
Task 2. Following the inputs from end-users, map a technological development roadmap
Task 3. Study existing IPR, reinforce our IPR position and define a strategy to protect our unique assets and ensure our Freedom to Operate;
Task 4. Secure demonstration agreements
Task 5. Devise a Business Plan, that maps out our optimized approach to this new blue-ocean market
Briefly, during this action we have accomplished the following:
- The MARKET ANALYSIS AND END-USER INTERVIEWS revealed great interest from different segments, creating a blue ocean market for Bruhn NewTech given its reputable track-record in the military segment. We were able to distinguish segment needs, which is essential for a supported development process and to lower the market adoption barriers.
- We designed our DEVELOPMENT ROADMAP, focusing primarily on back- and front-end development
- Concerning OUR IPR STRATEGY we found no granted patents that severely limit our Freedom to Operate and we found 3 patentable assets without prior art, which we aim to protect.
- We secured two major demonstration sites that annually host more than 500.000 attendees.
There is an opportunity to educate this non-military audience about the Safe Zone solution, set the standard for all competitors and hopefully lock deals as a first-mover in all targeted segments.
Based on the results and outputs of the previous tasks, we developed a realistic business plan showing that SafeZone can be profitable with very conservative penetration rates. Our analysis of our competition exposed their fragilities that we will leverage in our communication to commit potential clients, namely lack of military-grade CBRN credibility to be able to get the sales meeting and/or lack of an easy-to-use system that any non-trained security officer can operate.
With SafeZone, we expect our cities and venues to be better prepared for the rising threat of CBRN attacks.
SafeZone will help protect crowded public venues