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disruptive capturing and revalorisation system of AMmonia for BIogas plants ENhancing Circular Economy


94% of ammonia (NH3) emissions in Europe stem from agriculture. Thus, EU has created a Directive, forcing exploitations to assume important costs for properly manage the
excretions generated as a daily basis. The market opportunity for Biogas Plants, to apply local innovative business models with a low-cost affordable solution, to biogas digestate,
reducing environmental risks transforming it into Ammonia Sulphate (NH4)2SO4. This is an expensive product nowadays, that could be monetized through fertilizers manufacturers, thus generating a second business opportunity while boosting a circular economy.
AMBIENCE consists of a low-cost close-loop physical system based on a novel and highly efficient technology of permeable membranes that capture the ammonia in between 70% - 80%, from the emissions (liquid and gas) generated by animal waste and pig farms, and biogas plants’ digestants.
AMBIENCE delivers a processed ammonia (NH3) turned into Ammonia Sulphate (NH4)2SO4, prepared to be easily treated by fertilizers manufacturers reducing farmers’ operational costs by means of both savings and new incomes achieved (+60%) by applying this innovative revalorisation business model. If all the farming and stock sectors would apply AMBIENCE solution more than 65% of ammonia worldwide emissions would be avoided.
Phase 1 objectives is to accelerate the market adoption and international penetration of AMBIENCE focus on preparing ourselves for the commercialization of at the international level (including route-tomarket, marketing strategy, growth strategy, etc.) by evolving the product from TRL6 to TRL9 stage
As a result of this project, AMBIENCE will grow considerably, generating 35 new qualified jobs by five years after the project ending and generating incomes of 46.8 M€ and a EBITDA of 21 M€ approx by 2024.

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