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The new generation of Automated active Fire Protection Systems

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - AFISYS (The new generation of Automated active Fire Protection Systems)

Reporting period: 2018-08-01 to 2018-11-30

AFISYS is the first interactive graphical tool for fire protection systems. Our product will be the first solution to automatically read building CAD plans and effectively create an interactive map of the fire protection system.
We currently have 50 customers for our series F smoke damper system. Through pilot projects with them we identified the need for a smart mapping system to complement our offering and as such developed and tested a prototype of AFISYS. Feedback from the pilots has informed our upgrade priorities so that AFISYS is ready for wide international expansion.
As such, we have undertaken a Feasibility Study to define a technical development plan and to upgrade our commercial strategy and financial projections in preparation for the next phase of expansion of our platform.
Some upgrades are required to bring AFISYS to market. These will be done through a 24-month project, with work divided into 4 Technical Work Packages to be completed by 8 developers. This project will require a budget of €1.56 mil.
We studied the commercial potential of our product and found that the best area for expansion will be Austria, Germany, Scandinavia and Spain. The Freedom-to-Operate analysis concluded that our product does not infringe on current patents or trademarks.
We have defined our business plan, with costs for development and dissemination, and predicted revenues. We predict that AFISYS will bring revenues of €36 mil for an ROI of 7.31 by 2026.
Based on this Feasibility Study, we conclude that our product is well placed to become a market leader in Austria and abroad in the fire protection market.
Our product is ideal for system integrators, building managers and owners. By using AFISYS, we estimate that our customers can save up to 80-90% of their maintenance costs and time for fire protection systems. The upgrade to the AFISYS will transform our tool with a highly proficient detection algorithm, an intuitive visualisation system, optimisation with AGNOSYS and third part systems, as well as all the certifications required to work in fire protection.
This will bring wider socio-economic impacts, making buildings more resilient to fires by reducing the downtime of the system during maintenance. This will reduce the fatalities and material losses as a result of fires in buildings, where people spend most of the time in the world of today.