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Feasibility study for Titan Fire System S.L.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - TFS (Feasibility study for Titan Fire System S.L.)

Reporting period: 2018-04-01 to 2018-09-30

We are technology, hardware and software manufacturers, a worldwide patented system, which produces the first gauges, via radio, with wireless connections, able to communicate with its fire extinguishing equipments in real time. The installation of our system allows obtaining an interactive level of premises, to provide remote control systems of all the extinguishing elements, ensuring a high quality of effectiveness of the extinguishing equipments, such as fire pumps systems, fire hose reels and fire extinguishers.
The Titan System makes it easier the connection of the central receiver alarm with the installer or the customer, for a steady, clear control of the systems of all the problems that may arise in a fire extinguishing equipment.
We are the disruptive part in a mature sector where everything almost has been done. We manufacture innovative and intelligent technology for fire extinguishing equipments.

How can this solution help the Fire Prevention sector?
Titan was born from a need, to make fire system equipments evolve to ensure a 100% effectiveness and avoid personal injuries and material damages.
The sector of fire extinguishing equipments has not presented great innovations in recent years, but the connectivity of the elements comes in a moment when we are not referring to the future but to the present.
Titan is an intelligent system which is a useful tool for professionals, either maintenance teams or outsourcing companies, in charge of Fire Fighting Equipment in their premises.
With this solution, services are optimized, attending their facilities only when necessary due to the increase of the use of our remote control system. It also enables to boost services that a maintenance company provides for its customers, since there are problems only sensed in yearly, six-month, three-month or monthly revisions. Even thefts or accidents, will be detected immediately and automatically.
After the study carried out, the following actions were taken: financial study, commercial assess of the product, market potential, creation of the commercial strategy, and study of the applicable regulations.
Financial study:
The conclusions after conducting the financial study are very positive, since it is a unique product in the world, with a unique technology, and covering real needs that exist in the fire protection sector. Posing both a BASE scenario and a WORSE scenario. Creating a great company with sales in the big industrial countries of the world.

Market potential:
After the study and interviews with different distributors in each of the potential countries, the conclusion is that it is a product with great potential, in which they show great interest for exclusive distribution.

Creation of commercial strategy:
A commercial strategy has been made, based on the creation of alliances with leading distributors in the countries where the potential of TITAN is high, assessing both the number of companies, income and critical sectors. The decision to strike the market in this way is due to the fact that the fire protection sector works in this way and also as a great advantage we have to reduce the financial weight on the company in terms of infrastructure in each of the countries.

Study of applicable regulations:
The products of a high innovation are responsible in order to break standards, and how it could be otherwise, TITAN products make a difference. After studying the tests for manometers and also with CE brand for its electronical part.
As general conclusions, it is a product in which the response in the different countries has been very good, showing that there is acceptance by the market and a great interest in the different key distributors in fire protection
-Our wireless gauges transmit through radio communication the different signals that thanks to the sensorics that it incorporates, it detects variations of pressure, movement, loss of safety ring and communication failures. Through NFC we can programme the manometers without the need of a computer or cables.
We have all kinds of connections to adapt to any existing installation in the world.
-It is responsible for collecting the signals from the manometers and send them to TITAN CLOUD. It has a capacity to store up to 250 manometers and covers distances of 150 meters in any direction, with one module we can cover an area of about 4000 square meters. It has three interfaces, 3GPRS, WIFI, ETHERNET, with which the signal goes outside to generate the various alarms.
-This is the space where companies can see their interactive plans and receive information about their installation in real time.
-It is the tool for the technician with which installs and maintains the installation without the need of cables through NFC.
After having installed in industrial environments, the results have been very satisfactory, the scope has been greatly reinforced thanks to the investment in technology and radio communication modules.
The communications arrive perfectly through the different interfaces, and the sensor behaves in the desired way regardless of unfavourable external temperatures.
The conclusion is that we have a competitive product and fully guaranteed for the sector to which we are going.