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Electric Scalable Axle Module for e-Mobility

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - ESKAM (Electric Scalable Axle Module for e-Mobility)

Reporting period: 2018-05-01 to 2018-10-31

An increasing trend toward electrically powered vehicles can now be discerned worldwide. However, battery electric vehicles are still contending with the problems of high procurement costs and low range, and are therefore penetrating the market only very slowly. Groschopp (electrical drive technology) teamed up with the SMEs REFU (high-performance electronics and battery storage systems), Vogel (gearbox manufacturing) and EcoEnGines (demonstration, sales and partners for electric vehicle conversion in Netherlands) to develop, manufacture and commercialise ESKAM, the Electrical Scalable Axle Module.
The innovative concept is to combine to high-speed rotating electric motors and a dual transmission with a therefore optimised power electronics as an axle module. The lightweight design technology is suitable for large-series production. The result is a scalable, cost- and energy-efficient solution. Initially we will introduce ESKAM in a demonstration project on a Dutch island with focus on electric vehicle conversion of the very popular vehicle models Land Rover Defender, Renault Espace and Toyota Land Cruiser. The consortium will provide ESKAM, complete kits including battery and auxiliary systems, as well as training and service to car workshop.
With the change in the automotive segment towards e-mobility, we have the chance to enter the profitable automotive market. Our ambition is to strengthen our businesses by this new pillar. With ESKAM we expect to reach a turnover of about 32 M€ in 2023 and to create 72 new jobs. The findings of this feasibility study will be integrated into the subsequent development and commercialisation of ESKAM. We will use the SME Instrument Phase 2 project to perfectly facilitate the market introduction.
During the action, a feasibility study was conducted approving the technological, practical and economic feasibility of the system. The feasibility study based on assessing market and competition landscape. Moreover, technological design, functions and specifications, as well as the demand were verified by customer involvement. This was done by discussions with potential customers, activists, politicians and initiatives. An implementation plan was elaborated for successful market introduction and the results of the feasibility study were integrated in a business plan including a commercialisation strategy and ideal sales concept for defined markets.
ESKAM is a unique solution to retrofit used cars cost- and resource-efficient, including auxiliary systems, like electric heating. The ESKAM technology is scalable to all kinds of vehicles and the production technology allows the cost-efficient mass production. To allow production upscaling and minimise resource dependences, only e-motors without permanent magnets and expensive rare earth elements, like neodymium and samarium, are used.
By integrating ESKAM into their used cars, the owners reduce their operating costs dramatically, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance the value of their vehicle. At the same time, they have an efficient, environmental and climate friendly solution with zero emissions to access urban areas, which are more and more limited for old, pollutant vehicles. The integration into the axle and the optimised production technologies increase the range and prevent the loss of load capacity.

The “European Roadmap Electrification of Road Transport” of the European Technology Platforms ERTRAC, EPoSS and ETIP SNET1, very clearly outlines the importance of battery electric vehicles for Europe and its society. By using ESKAM, the vehicle integration is also possible for used cars in a standardised and simple way. This also enhances the safety of the vehicle. The reduction of harmful noise and air pollution, especially in urban and suburban areas is a global challenge. With the ability to reduce cost for electric vehicles and replace combustion engines in used cars with an electric drive, ESKAM supports the swift change to e-mobility, and enables a resource-efficient second life for used cars.