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The first eco-friendly technology for greasy mixed plastics recycling

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - EGREMPLARE (The first eco-friendly technology for greasy mixed plastics recycling)

Reporting period: 2018-05-01 to 2018-08-31

EGREMPLARE is an eco-friendly high-tech recycling process for greasy mixed plastics. Thanks to its patented cleaning processes, which takes place at room temperature, the energy consumed in the recycling process is reduced by 60%. Moreover, the process uses a bio-based material neither harmful to the environment nor toxic to human health. Thanks to this innovative approach we will obtain high-grade resins for packaging manufacturing and civil & construction engineering. Overall objectives of the Feasibility Study have been 1) to update the market strategy, financial forecast and risk assessment 2) to define the initial key specifications of the products, the investment plan and plan the in-filed pilot tests and scale-up production and 3) to analyse activities needed to ensure the company freedom to operate, potential patents and trademarks.
The main conclusions of the Feasibility Study are:
1. Potential market share calculated is 5,45% considering a calculated production of 38.400 t/year and 705.000 tonnes of PE, PP and PET destined to plastic conversion in Europe.
2. Our market strategy will be based on ensuring a stable availability and quality of the raw material and manufacturing of high added value brands PE Egrem®, PP Egrem®, PET Egrem® and P Egrem ®. Our strategy for plants construction will consist in a total capacity of 48.000 t/year of mixed plastics divided in 4 plants.
3. Phase 2 will consist in 5 work packages to be carried out in 2 years with a calculated project budget of 2.408.063€.
4. We identified and contacted nineteen stakeholders of EGREMPLARE value chain needed to accomplish the project development during Phase 2.
5. We will do an update of a patent search in Phase 2 but the conclusion of a first freedom to operate analysis done shows that there are no public patents which affect the freedom to operate.
Financial forecast indicates that investment will be recovered in the first year of operation and ROI is 5,7 with a cumulated EBIT for the fifth year of 33.260.289€. This investment plan will imply 42 jobs created. EGREMPLARE will contribute to decrease plastics incinerated or landfilled (48.000 t/year), will save up to 60% energy consumption compare to conventional hot wash processes, will allow waste companies to reduce more than 25% of their costs for mixed plastics treatment, will allow plastic converters to buy high quality recycled polymers with a competitive price and will help customers to comply with Circular Economy regulations.
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