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Disruptive Digital Twin solution combining sensor data streams and high accuracy physics-based models to design and monitor large structural assets

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Akselos Integra (Disruptive Digital Twin solution combining sensor data streams and high accuracy physics-based models to design and monitor large structural assets)

Reporting period: 2018-05-01 to 2018-08-31

Akselos Integra is seeing great commercial success in the Oil & Gas industry. The overall goal of the project is to ensure that Akselos Integra reaches the adequate maturity not only for a successful market entry in a new vertical but also for guaranteed industry competitiveness. To achieve this, we studied the overall market (and target market verticals) to better understand needs for a successful implementation in a new vertical and also determined the technical features required to meet these needs.
We have determined our market potential and willingness to pay through a thorough market assessment. Although Akselos Integra has wide market applications, we narrowed down to three market verticals (Nuclear, Wind and Aerospace) for the purpose of this project. Each vertical has been studied, including its specific needs and how Akselos Integra can be aligned to meet these needs. We have also carried out a SWOT analysis to determine our market positioning as a company. We have also identified the best commercialization route for maximum exploitation of our innovation.
We have drawn up a technology roadmap to fulfil the requirements to cover all three market verticals. We accomplished an evaluation of potential technical risk that might endanger the success of our product. This identification has allowed us to define a plan for risk mitigation, to be implemented and updated along the project life.
Our financial analysis has enabled to come up with 5-year financial projections post commercialisation. Commercializing Akselos Integra in one of the assessed verticals in addition to our sales in the Oil & Gas sector is expected to bear positive impacts on the company’s financial performance, increasing our annual revenues by more than 40%.
We have gone beyond the state of the art by providing a solution that covers the full spectrum of an asset’s life from design right through to operation, maintenance and optimization in a new vertical. No other FEA design tool at present is capable of performing structural optimization encompassing design, cost optimization, monitoring and operational data for large value assets. Akselos Integra creates a full loop from design to operations by enabling the convergence between parametric simulations, machine learning and optimization routines. This innovative approach enables engineers to use relevant operational data to understand how designs behave under real operating conditions and create very resilient designs based on real-world data and achieve optimal designs. The expected potential impact is to help making the energy transition to renewables by reducing the CAPEX of new project and the OPEX of existing renewable projects and provide monitoring to ensure the safety of these structures.
Key Assets covering the three market verticals.