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No more stress about bicycle theft

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Kissmybike (No more stress about bicycle theft)

Reporting period: 2018-06-01 to 2018-10-31

Millions of bicycles are stolen every year, and very few of them get returned. KMB Lab is working on the solution to this problem and has developed Kissmybike—an advanced anti-theft system designed specifically for bicycles. It is a complex IoT product that detects theft and tracks the bicycle's location until its successful recovery. Unlike other products, Kissmybike is invisible, charge-less and effective. Its ultimate goal is to make bike theft futile.
In the Phase 1 project our main objectives were (a) assessment of the bicycle security market, (b) development of go-to-market strategy, and (c) exploration of formal process of stolen bicycles recovery.
According to the workplan, during the Phase 1 Feasibility study, the KMB Lab team performed a bicycle market analysis based on external resources and in-depth interviews with bicycle industry experts such as bicycle manufacturers, bicycle dealers, bicycle renters and bike-sharing operators. Using the received feedback, we carried out a customers’ demand analysis and assessed the company’s potentialities and weaknesses within a SWOT-analysis. Based on all research done, we developed a Kissmybike business model canvas and have set up its commercialization strategy. As the first result, KMB Lab launched several trials with bicycle manufacturers base in Italy, Germany, France and the Netherlands. In addition to bicycle security market, the Kissmybike anti-theft system appeared to be applicable to other industries.
Along with market studies, KMB Lab continued its research and development activities in order to provide its customers with the best anti-theft performance and suitable installation options. The Kissmybike system is currently under CE certification process. We have also started a procedure of anteriority research and patent request preparation.
KMB Lab team has also explored the recovery process of stolen bicycles by interviewing policemen from different European countries. Using the collected information, we are going to prepare in-app guides for bicycle recovery in case of theft in each country.