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Infrastructure for Virtuosity Services Over the Top

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - ViSOT (Infrastructure for Virtuosity Services Over the Top)

Reporting period: 2018-05-01 to 2018-08-31

ViSOT is an infrastructure to run virtualized services, specifically Over-The-Top (OTT) services, such as antivirus, IoT protection and Voice over IP, among others. The services are delivered to the users by means of their existing hardware resources, usually broadband routers. This allows providers to integrate any service from any provider, both Inango and 3rd parties, onto its infrastructure.
The objectives of the project are the following: i) To develop improvements and new functionalities of the infra-structure, interoperability for supporting multiple router platforms, a catalogue of OTT services for a Virtual Office and a secure and efficient access to public Wi-Fi nets (CloudWPA); ii) To validate our developments in real environments; and iii) To start the pre-commercialization activities (events, workshops, blogging activities) to raise awareness among the stakeholders and prepare for the commercial uptake.
ViSOT is currently a functional working infrastructure on a central server and a software agent running on a router with two services: parental control and IoT protection. We have also developed a demonstration version of a Cloud WPA service that is intended to run on the ViSOT infra-structure. We have also defined our business plan to commercialize our three products.
Currently, deploying digital services is slow and expensive. Routers memory footprint does not allow the integration of many services. Moreover, many existing routers are incapable of supporting advanced services and the upgrading routers in field is very time consuming. ViSOT aims to offer a cost-effective suite of OTT services for small offices (SMB) and homes through their existing hardware resources.
Our commercialization model consists in a subscription model of our three products: ViSOT infrastructure, Virtual Office and CloudWPA, which recurring revenue comes from a same customer monthly for each service that s/he uses. Our target market is the Internet service provider companies who supply telecommunications services, or plan to provide them in the near future, primarily to the SMB (end-users). We also address Office Building Owners, since they provide physical premises with IT services. Whilst our primary target market is Israel and the rest of European countries, the secondary market will be USA.
OTT services of ViSOT
Overview of VISOT