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A scientifically proven Microbiome immunotherapy for the treatment of colorectal cancer


Following 30 years of research, ZMD has developed ONCARIN; an immunotherapy treatment for the treatment and to boost
to immune system of patients with colorectal cancer. The treatment consists of special developed capsules containing a
lyophilized mixture of live bacteria (colon flora) with a high oncolytic activity. ONCARIN has the unique ability to both induce
cancer cell destruction and activate the immune system. Furthermore the technology allows for an easy synthesis and
manufacture enabling the commercialization of a cost-effective product (90% lower than competitor’s prices). No other
oncologic drug, currently marketed, is able to address therapy effectiveness, absence of side effects, and healthcare costsavings.
In addition, Oncarin can be easily implemented for a wide range of immune conditions including cancer, Crohn’s
disease, colities and immune system disorders after long-term treatment with antibiotics. This will improve patient outcomes
and greatly reduce healthcare costs. Moreover, ONCARIN costs 90% less than current solutions. ZMD will exclusively
license the further development and commercialization of ONCARIN to a pharmaceutical company. Oncarin now has a TRL
6, since successfully completing proof of concept in animal models. The next step to advance TRL is to conduct a phase I
trial in order to demonstrate safety and pharmaceutics of Oncarin. Z.M.D Medical Ltd is part of ZMD group ,which includes
ZMD Diagnostics Ltd. ZMD Medical develops and commercializes therapeutic remedies to cure cancer of all types using the
immune system- first focus- colorectal cancer. Z.M.D Medical has set a goal to produce the drug to rehabilitate distressed
colon microflora in order to eliminate cancer from patients’ immune systems. Barak Zigdon, an MBA with significant
entrepreneurial experience, leads the team. The team boasts more than 30 years of experience in Cancer research and
product development.
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€ 50 000

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Grant agreement ID: 812776


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    1 May 2018

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    31 August 2018

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    € 71 429

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    € 50 000

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